Laure Treboux is definitly one of the best Freestyle Windsurfers in the world and guess what, she’s from Switzerland! In Bonaire and Aruba (the first two stops of the womens freestyle tour) she’s got two second places. And since we made this interview she allready competed in two other events. In Pozo she was not so happy with her Result, but in Teneriffe she did really good and got 5the in the waves. Right now she is competing in Fuerte and got second in the first single Elimination.

Concatulation Laure you finshed the PWA Worldcup in Aruba and Bonaire as 2.! are you happy with these results?
Thanks a lot. Yes I am very happy! I sailed really well in both competitions and was close to win a couple of eliminations. I would love to get a 1st one day of course, and I’m working on it, but with Sarah in front of me I’m happy with my 2nd place.

But Laure, can you ever beat Sarah – Quita?
Yes I’m sure I can. It’s difficult for sure, she’s sailing so well, and she’s got some moves that I can’t do yet. But some of our finals were very, very close, which means I’m able to do it for sure!

Tell us about your final Heat in Bonaire, how many and wich tricks did you land?
That final was the best heat I ever sailed – and Sarah’s too I think. We were pushing each other at each move, building momentum and going for more and more difficult tricks. People on the beach were going crazy and Duncan, the PWA head judge, did the official statement, that it was the best woman’s freestyle they ever saw – always good to hear! In that final I did flaka, double flaka, 1handed puneta, switch kono, shove it spock, full planing grubby, and I think probably spock, clew first spock, I can’t remember exactly every move I did…

Wich trick do you need to beat her?
I need to learn normal stance kono, culo, and burner. These are my goals now.

How do you wann learn these new tricks?
I watch videos of the moves I want to learn, visualize the movements, and go out and train it until it works – about a million times sometimes. I sail with other guys too which helps a lot, watching them and listening to their advice is priceless to learn new moves.

How long are you at home (in CH) during a year?
Not much… I’ve spent in spring a month at home, which was really nice. It gave me time to see and spend time with my family and my friends. The rest of the year I’m only a few days at home, between my trips. Somtetime it’s not so easy to do everything and see everyone I’d like to. But I make the most out of it and being away all the time makes you appreciate home a lot more. Switzerland is such an amazing place, I’m always so happy to go back!

Where do you sail here in CH?
Usually it’s on Lac Léman, in Préverenges with south westerly wind, or a bit further down with bise.

On your Web you mention snowboarding as one of your hobbies, how often are you on the snow? Are you as good as in windsurfing on the Snowboard?
Yes I love snowboarding and I make sure I get a few days on the snow every year. Sometimes I miss it quite a lot when I’m away, especially when I hear from my mates what a sick day they just had, but you can’t have every thing . I’m doing ok on my snowboard, but not quite as good as on a windsurf board unfortunately! I wish we could add a couple of month to the year so I’d just spend them in the mountains!

Which are your goals for the rest of the season?
Keep on sailing good heats like I did so far, keep enjoying it – that’s a very big factor for me to do well, and stay in the top 2 in freestyle. We have one more freestyle event to do, Fuerteventura. I will do all I can to get a first place – this is my goal for sure! We also have the wave event in Tenerife coming up, I really like it there and hope to do well too.

Thanx a lot Laure, we wish you a really good luck in Fuerte, Pozo and El Medano!
Thank you! And big ups for your website. Awesome to see so many passionated windsurfers in Switzerland!

Check Laures Website for more infos!

Fotos: PWA/Carter

INTERVIEW DONE BY Jonas Aschwanden. Check out out their online mag