Here’s a little blog post from our new Teamrider Nils Wesch about ‘one of these days’ in Tarifa recently..

I`m almost one month in Tarifa/Spain and it feels like my second home. In the first 2 weeks real strong Levante (West-Wind) was blowing over the road of Gibraltar.
So of course i went out at my favorite Spot. Balnareo.
We had really strong winds every day but that day was more then anything i ever had. Wind gusts up to 45 knots. I barely couldn´t hold my 7meter Liquid Force Nirvana in my Hands.
My Dad launged my Kite and my friend Bram Bast was holding me from the back. The Sand was flying right in my face. I gave my dad the thumb up and here I go.
The offshore wind gave my tummy some butterfly´s and i was a bit nervous but it was totally worth it. My Kite almost on the water to resist the power of the nature.
I stayed calm at the beginning just doing some jumps to get used to the conditions. After my second jump i felt ready to loop my kite so i charged up and jumped as high as possible to loop the Kite at the highest point.
My Nirvana catapulted me to the front and i had nearly one second of free fall. Thats the point where your tummy turns 180° and i can tell you its the best feeling i ever had.
Normally my sessions are 2-3 hours but i was done after 30minutes. In strong winds you use way more energy then in normal winds.
It definitely was worth it going out at that day and i will do it again if i have the chance to.

Thanks for the picture: Sjoerd Santema