The first annual Cape Hatteras Wave Classic was held on the Outer Banks, September 20th-26th. Choosing this time of the year to host the wave-based event, organizers claimed September as “prime time” for wind and waves, providing excellent kitesurfing and surfing conditions. Can it really had been that good? With 6 straight days of conditions that kept surfboards barreled and competitors stoked beyond belief Cape Hatteras proved to be the right place.


The Cape Hatteras Wave Classic is North America’s only wave-based kitesurfing event and therefore created it’s own competition format, drawing from other successful sports competition models. The primary roots of the competition format came from the current ASP surfing competition format, with a combination of non-elimination rounds and elimination rounds to allow competitors max time on the water during the week. There were also “media days” where competitors were allowed to kitesurf when they wanted in front of the cameras – no scoring of these days, just let it hang loose and go for it!

Heat scoring was based on 50% waveriding, 25% tricks (airs and technical transitions) and 25% overall impression. The top 2 waves and top 2 tricks counted towards these scores above, putting a weighted emphasis on waveriding, with strategy also playing a big part in scoring well since competitors had to make sure they completed all scored disciplines with high numbers. Heat scores were available to the competitors and public directly after each heat to allow competitors to analyze their heat/score and adapt their riding to the new competition format.


Incredible riding was noted throughout the event, both in the men’s and women’s divisions, with riders pushing each other’s skills forward in every round of competition.

In the men’s division, Kevin Langeree and Reider Decker advanced all the way through to the finals, where they then battled it out in well overhead surf and 6m howling straight onshore winds. Decker outscored Langeree on tricks, but Langeree was scored higher on the waves. Both had almost equal overall impression scores for the heat, in the excellent range. Langeree ultimately won the final heat with his higher wave scores and the waves being weighted more than tricks. Final Heat scores were Kevin Langeree – 1st place with 30.5, Reider Decker – 2nd place with 27.3. Evan Netsch took 3rd place, edging out Brandon Cordina, with a heat score of 24 vs. 15.3.


The women’s competition was just as intense with Jalou Langeree and Isa Cohen advancing to the finals to compete in the same extreme conditions as the men. Jalou Langeree took 1st place, leading in waves, tricks and overall impression, with a final heat score of 26.8. Isa Cohen took 2nd with a final heat score of 19.7. The battle for 3rd place was tight, with Gage Ficther grabbing 3rd place over Dominique Granger with their heat scores 15.5 vs. 14.3.


Official Results 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic

Women’s Division:
1st Jalou Langeree
2nd Isa Cohen
3rd Gage Ficther
4th Dominique Granger
5th Jessie Kilgour
5th Annie Carrier
5th Ashley Wright
5th Carol Bolstad

Men’s Division:
1st Kevin Langeree
2nd Reider Decker
3rd Evan Netsch
4th Brandon Cordina
5th James Ropner
5th Mark Miedama
5th Patrick Rebstock
5th Chad Speedy
9th Teddy Lyons
9th Danny Barnette
9th Jason Slezak
9th Billy Moseley
9th Sam Bell
9th Doug Dockray
9th Dave Serrano
9th Llew Simmonds
17th Nate Volk
17th Cody Cerf
17th Will Sizemore
17th Dennis Lent
17th Charles Corpening
17th Chris Rutledge
17th Tony Bolstad
17th Chris Shenton