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Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind.
Polynesians have been using boards with sails for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the 1960s that windsurf board design really developed and it became the sport we know today.
Unlike surfing, windsurfing uses the wind to propel forward while surfing uses the force of waves.
This means you can practice the sport anywhere with a big body of water and wind, such as lakes, rivers, estuaries and, of course, the open ocean.
For everyone who loves windsurfing..
1. Robby and Jason Lanes – Kona winds at Lanes with a big west swell create some of my favourite windsurfing conditions anywhere on the planet. We didn’t have many days with these conditions this year but this day was one of my all time best days there because everything lined up so well. I hope you enjoy the video!
2. Aerial drone video of windsurfing action at Ho’okipa Maui, Hawaii – Aerial Video Maui captures some epic windsurfing action with a drone at Ho’okipa Maui, Hawaii. Professional windsurfers include Robby Swift, Levi Siver, Keith Teboul and Jake Schettewi. Aerial Video Maui uses a DJI Phantom 4Pro drone shooting in 4k!
3. Windsurfing on Maui Hawaii with massive waves, March 2016 – Check out some epic conditions with massive waves at Ho’okipa and the west side of Maui! Riders include Levi Siver, Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Antoine Martin, Kevin Pritchard and many more.
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1. Defqwop – Heart Afire (feat. Strix) [NCS Release]
2. Fivefold – Know It All (Copyright Free Rock Music).
3. Fivefold – All Of Me (Non-Copyrighted Rock)
4. Distrion & Electro-Light – You And Me (feat. Ke’nekt) [NCS Release]

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