Here comes a short report on the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Texel from NorthSails rider Kasper Juul Larsen:

„Yesterday was the third day of competition here in Holland. It is a big event, which is held in conjunction with a big catamaran event. The organiser have put up a really big eventsite and there is a lot of spectators on the beach. So far the conditions have been really great, we have been sailing eight eliminations on the first three days, with conditions varying from full power 7,0 to light wind 8,6. I had a really good day today with two bullets and a fourth, which puts me in second position overall. Bernd Flessner from Germany is currently leading the event. So far I have been using 8,6 and 7,8, and they are working really well. I have great speed and the Shox.XTR are working super in the chop we have here in Holland.

We have two more days to go of the event, with three more races planned. The weather forecast for next couple of days is looking good, so we will probably have the maximum 11 races.“

Best regards

Kasper Juul Larsen