7 Sons of Freestyle’ was our debut film produced in 2004 and at the same time it was the first windsurfing film dedicated to modern freestyle windsurfing only.

During our stay in El Yaque we also filmed an additonal move special with Dutch windsurfer Remko de Weerd, where he explains his 4 steps on how you can learn windsurfing Spin loops fast and safely.
Remko competed on the PWA and EFPT tour, won several events, invented new moves and develeped this 4 steps/exercises to learn the spin loop.

We hope this „How To“ video will help you to understand the sideways rotation of a spinloop.

Producer: Continentseven
Camera: Matthias „Charlsn“ Lindner, Chris Pressler
Edit: Kerstin Reiger
Release date: 2004

Source: Continentseven