Learn how to quickly and effortlessly set up the patented Airline System featured on Starboard’s inflatable race board range, including the All Star, Sprint and Junior Racer models.

In this video our Inflatable Product Manager, Raul Delgado, demonstrates step-by-step on how to unpack and correctly assemble the Airline components, before inflating the Airline race board to optimal pressure.

To learn more about the various Airline Models, visit the product pages:

All Star: https://sup.star-board.com/paddle-board/inflatable-paddle-board/all-star-inflatable/
Sprint: (coming 29 September 2022)
Junior Racer: (coming 29 September 2022)

Find a shop: https://sup.star-board.com/shops/

00:00 Intro – How to assemble the Airline
00:14 – Unpacking the Airline board
00:42 – Prepare to assemble components
00:55 – Preparing to inflate the board
01:41 – Securing the Airline string
02:07 – Inflating to optimal PSI
02:17 – How to pump using single action
02:59 – Installing the center fin

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Source: Starboard SUP