The wind conditions finally improved in the early afternoon for Day 3 of action in Dakhla, Morocco, where the full Surf/Freestyle Elimination was completed for both men and women.

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Morocco 2021

1. Hugo Marin 🇫🇷
2. Julien Bouyer 🇫🇷
3. Camille Bouyer 🇫🇷
4. Fernando Novaes 🇧🇷

1. Fiona Wylde 🇺🇸
2. Bowien van der Linden 🇳🇱
3. Paula Novotna 🇨🇿
4. Orane Ceris

Tomorrow, we will move on to the Race Discipline, so get ready to watch as the athletes go full throttle for some speedy action! The skipper’s meeting has been called for 11 am, with the first possible start at 11.30 am. We’ll go live as soon as the action commences.

Learn more about the event in Morocco:

Source: GWA Wingfoil World Tour