Gianmaria Coccoluto

How do you feel going into the new season? This has been quite a short break between seasons. Has it been long enough for you to make some riding developments?
Well, it’s been short. After Brazil I went home for all December and early January as I always like to take a long break at the end of the year to let my body relax and recover after a full year of kiting. I went to Tarifa for a week just before this event to try and get some training done, but we didn’t find much wind. My last proper good session was actually 40 days ago! I already have some new tricks that I didn’t do in Taiba though, I hope to go for those in Qatar if the conditions help me.

Have you ridden here at Fuwairit Kite Beach before? What are your expectations of the spot and the event itself as the first event of the season?
I came here at the end of last summer and it was really good. Generally the wind will be lighter, so I have my 13 metre and hope to do my best after not kiting very much compared to usual.