Two Lay days, four days of surf action, 1550 waves ridden by the 120 German surfers from around the world that gathered in Mimizan-Plage, in the southwest of France, for the German Championships in surfing.

The German Champs 2010 are already a part of history, but will stand out as one of the most professional events of the German Surfing Association. With an event website that rivals those of ASP Tour Events, daily updates, amazing pictures from three talented photographers, highlight clips from all days of competition and a live webcast, the bar for the next German Championships has been raised.

The week from the 9th to the 17th of October can truly be called a surf week. The event was held in pumping surf (at least the first couple days) in Portugal, with the German Marlon Lipke winning the Trials, while at the same time the charming town of Mimizan-Plag.

Organized by the German Surfing Association, the event marks the 17th time that the best German Surfers battle for the title of German Champion and the chance to be appointed to the German national surfing team. With the ISA World Surfing Games in Peru on the horizon directly after the QGC 2010, everyone’s motivation skyrocketed.