After making his debut on the PWA Freestyle World Tour in 2013 – Nic Hibdige (Tabou / GA Sails / Mystic) has continued to consistently improve his level. The young Brit is lucky enough to be able to train heavily in Bonaire and has clearly capitalised on the opportunity of being able to train in a world class spot, surrounded by world class sailors. On his debut his finished in joint 42nd, but less than two years on he has already progressed to the top 20 – finishing as the top ranked Brit in Leucate, France, joint 17th. We recently caught up for an interview with Nic, which you can read below:

Name? Nic Hibdige

Age? 19

Where are you based? South coast of England, Lymington.

Number of years windsurfing? 10+

PWA: What first made you want to windsurf?

NH: “My parents are the ones that showed me windsurfing and were the ones pushing me to go sailing with them since i was really young. They have both been stoked on windsurfing for many years and passed their passion on to me. I have been lucky enough to go to Bonaire since a young age with my Family and this is where I developed my passion for freestyle, watching Kiri Tonky and Taty and all the locals rip it up really inspired me.”


PWA: Why is windsurfing your passion?

NH: “Well that’s a deep question really, i guess its my passion beacuse it gives me a feeling like nothing else I have ever experienced. It gives me that feeling that makes me want to get up everyday and be on the water doing what I love. Its the buzz it gives, Slalom wave freestyle what ever just feeling the gear be a part of me, the movements you go through the ways of creation and styling to me its magical and honestly I haven’t found anything else that id rather do.”

PWA: Favourite quote or motto that you try to live by?

NH: “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine. -Bruce Lee.”

PWA: Favourite food and drink?

NH: “Iggy’s BBQ ribs and Captain Morgans+coke.”

PWA: If you were a super hero what special power would you choose?

NH: “Teleportation would be rad.”

PWA: Favourite location?

NH: “Lac Bay, Bonaire…. Here I have met countless amazing people and had the best experiences of my life.”

PWA: Location(s) you want to visit and why?

NH: “I would like to travel and experience as many different countries and cultures as possible. Madagascar would be a really amazing destination to experience with some windsurf gear.”

PWA: Outside of windsurfing what do you do?

NH: “I really enjoy skateboarding back home with my friends I used to go to school with. It’s an outlet of creativity in a different but similar way to windsurfing, both sports have complimented each other for me. I also really like to surf to be in the sea as much as possible. I’m also starting to get into climbing with my brother and his mates when I’m around at home.”

PWA: Do you do any additional training outside of windsurfing to keep you fit both physically and mentally? 

NH: “I like to stay as active as possible, I try to go to the gym a few days a week working on different areas of strength. At home I am trying to learn some Yoga to keep my muscles and joints happy and become stronger. Yoga I also feel is helping me becoming mentally stronger, freestyle eliminations are a mind game you are competing against yourself as you can’t control what your opponent will do.”

PWA: Finally, what do you want to achieve in windsurfing? And what made you want to compete?

NH: “Well the dream is to be able to travel and compete without having to work jobs in between and completely support myself, I would like to achieve that one way or another. There isn’t anything else I want more so I will keep pushing myself as much as possible to make my dream a reality. Right now I am still young and would like to see big things happening for the sport and see more and more people inspired by what all the windsurfers do, be it Slalom, freestyle or wave.” 

“When I was younger I was on Bonaire during one of the Pro kids events and competed in the Under 15’s, it went pretty well and I came 2nd next to Amado. When I got home I looked into freestyle competitions in the UK to meet other guys doing the same thing around where I live.  I started doing the UKWA tour which eventually progressed into me trying to get a wildcard for Fuerte.”

PWA: Thanks Nic and good luck for the rest of the season.

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