The Competition has been called ON for Sunday! The Surfline and WindGuru forecasts are calling south west 5-7 foot swell, with a 13 second period that should bring logo plus high conditions across a low tide shallow reef and a rising tide, wiht 20+ knots at Cloudbreak.  “Breezy SE trades continue,” Kevin Wallis, Surfline. We then have more possible conditions lining up for Monday, but Tuesday, the last day of the event window, is showing 5-8 foot and 20-25 knots which could be epic for a FINALS DAY. Kevin Wallis on the Tuesday forecast, “New, longer period SW swell should fill in all day for increasing size and power. Not big, but a bit overhead to maybe a couple of feet overhead at Cloudbreak by the afternoon / evening. Breezy SE trades (offshore at CB) continue.” This could be a stunning final day for the FIJI PRO Invitational.

We will have LIVESTREAM for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday thanks to the partnership with the Fiji Broadcasting Association (FBC). The livestream link will be posted and promoted for you all to see early on Sunday before the event. Competition will be between 12 and 6PM (note the international dateline). So stay tuned for the action and see the great riders push the envelope and push the extreme performance of the the sport. The rider resumes speak for themselves.  Just have a read below.