Day Two – Action Underway in Qatar and Women Reach

Also running high on inspiration to hit each family was last year’s title contender, Juan Rodriguez. The Colombian rolled back the years to the days when unhooked kite loops were all the rage, dropping a kite loop backside 315 in his quarter final heat, helping him secure the maximum available points for variety.

Judge Dani Jiminez commented, “Some riders who didn’t yet take an event win could find themselves in commanding situations if they have the right strategy. This is the first event with this format though, and it will take time to see the real developments play out, especially considering the short gap between last year’s final event in Brazil and this first event here in Qatar.”

Due to dropping winds, the men’s competition was put on hold during the last quarter final heat which featured current world champion, Gianmaria Coccoluto, and remains to be finished.

Manoel Soares, Karim Mahmoud, Juan Rodriguez and Valentin Rodriguez had already advanced to the semifinals.