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Cape Town

After she fractured her wrist while snowboarding, Nadine Reimers spent two months trying to go back to regular training in Cape Town.

This video pictures Nadine’s training sessions in South Africa. Check it out.

Filming: Christian Brill and…


Enjoy the Thrill of Kitesurfing in South Africa

South Africa has become an increasingly cosmopolitan, popular and exciting place over the past couple of decades, with plenty of facilities, amenities, sights and entertainment opportunities for visitors to enjoy. There are many reasons why people from around the world flock to this country, one of the many reasons being that South Africa is something of a coastal playground. The environment means that you can look forward to a range of exciting recreational opportunities including the thrill of kitesurfing in South Africa. Those who head to South Africa to enjoy water activities such as kitesurfing are able to look forward to a real adrenaline rush, as South Africa is the ideal place to enjoy this type of activity to the full. In fact, it has become one of the leading destinations for kitesurfing, with its combination of stunning coastal areas, great weather, and waters that are ideal for this type of activity. Places such as Langebaan, which is close to Cape Town, has become well known for being kitesurfing spot. You can now select from a range of package kitesurfing holidays to South Africa, with some great deals that will enable you to enjoy a memorable and exciting experience. Make …

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