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Moroccan Lifestyle

Short footage documenting a 2 week trip to Morocco, during the VKWC stop in Dakhla. Watch a few clips, presented by Jacek Gadzinowski, picturing some of the behind the scenes of the Moroccan event.


Sahara Rights 2

Afonso Fernandes was in Dakhla to compete in the first stop of the VKWC wave competition. He enjoyed two weeks of wind and waves at some fantastic spots. Being the youngest rider ever to try to qualify for a senior wave tour, Afonso was very motivated. After qualifying with a 1st place in his trial heats, his goal was achieved. A whole year of work paid off and Afonso will be competing in this year’s VKWC tour. Edit | Sofia Guerreiro

Allgemein Marokko

Morocco Stories

During the last stop of the Virgin Kitesurfing World Championship, Nobile Pro Team spent almost 2 weeks in Dakhla, south Morocco.

Watch Katarzyna Lange, Eudazio da Silva and Maciek “Magic” Lewandowski enjoying the great Dakhla lagoon and t…

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