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Duotone Victor Fernandez Windsurfing

Duotone Super Hero 2020

Victor Fernández: The SUPER HERO has simply everything: low weight, quick responsiveness like a three-batten design and the stability of a 5-batten one. SUPER HERO is THE ultimate wave sail which always performs optimally in all wave conditions around the globe. The perfectly balanced sail is the personal favourite of PWA Wave double world champion…

Duotone Victor Fernandez Windsurfing

Victor Fernandez Wave Riding in Cape Verde

Pushing the limits riding in extreme conditions – Victor Fernandez takes on the infamous Punta Preta as well as other locations around the island of Sal in search of wave riding perfection! Equipment: SUPER_HERO: SUPER_STAR SLS: Source: Duotone Windsurfing International

Duotone Victor Fernandez Windsurfing

The Pozo Playground

In July 2021, despite the lack of competition, #TeamDuotone descended on Pozo Iqzuierdo, Gran Canaria. Renowned as the ultimate jumping location in the World, Pozo severed up the perfect playground for some epic action! Featuring: Victor Fernandez Marc Pare Rico Carlos Kiefer Alexia Kiefer Lucas Meldrum Maria Behrens Julia Pasquale Lisa Wermeister Valentino Pasquale Jose…

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