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Sam Medysky

Sam Medysky Talks You Through Solaire Blue Open 2017

Palawan is hosting the first stop of the 2017 Kite Park League World Tour. 27 riders from different nations are gathered in the Philippines for the first event of the year. Sam Medysky shows us what’s going on in Blue Palawan Beach. Produced by: Paula Rosales/Blue Kiteboarding DOP: Tom Court Musical Scoring: Erwin Edralin Track: Ang Bayan Ko / Read between the Lions Artist: iamtong / Parallax

Sam Medysky


This past year Sam Medysky embarked on an adventure 5000 km across Canada to follow the wind and his passion for the sport of kiteboarding. With beautiful landscapes along the way, Sam headed out to one of the windiest locations in Canada, Squamish, Br…

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