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***SHARE & SUBSCRIBE*** A kitesurfing compilation of oldscool, newscool, freestyle, wakestyle, wave riding, slides and megaloops. Special thanks to: Airstyle – Why this DVD AIRSTYLE.TV – SLIDES Action Trailer – Toby Braeuer Andre Phillip kiteboarding Session From drone Best Kiteboarding Ride with Us 2012 Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Catching Trade Winds Contraband – A kiteboarding…

Fuerteventura PKRA

Breaking News: IKA confirms Fuerteventura’s event

International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has confirmed that the event in Fuerteventura will run as part of the 2015 Freestyle World Championship Tour. IKA’s Press Release: The IKA is happy to announce that the International Sailing Federation today has confirmed that Fuerteventura will go ahead as part of the 2015 Freestyle World Championship Tour. As per ISAF regulations, IKA is the sole owner of the Freestyle and Big Air World Titles and will run the event in Fuerteventura together with the local organizing team. The judging panel will be Ian Sleuyter, Bas Koole , Eric Rienstra, Bruno Correia and Alex Tack plus one more pro judge TBC. There will be strict regulations to prevent conflict of interest when judging mens and womens heats. Head Judge will be Leonard Rose. Olaf van Tol will be the contest director and we are happy to announce that we got Toby Bromwich back in as our core photographer. Alexander James Lewis Hughes will join him on the media side. The judging team together with IKA intends to make several improvements to the judging system. The core message is to give the sport back to the riders and get all stakeholders together to grow this fantastic …


PKRA responds to ‘termination of contract between IKA and PKRA’

Today the Professional Kite Riders Association (PKRA) put out a response to the news of the contract termination with the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA). Here is PKRA’s press release: We can confirm that International Kiteboarding Association (“IKA”) wrote to us last weekend confirming their termination of the agreement between IKA and the Professional Kite Riders Association (“PKRA”). Negotiations for a potential new contract with Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (“VKWC”) were ongoing for many months. VKWC had every intention of replacing the PKRA in a new and improved partnership with IKA. Unfortunately the parties were unable to reach an agreement and the discussions highlighted conflicting interests in the development of the sport, support of the youth, safety, event execution and other topics. Throughout the process the International Sailing Federation (“ISAF”) has been incredibly supportive of the VKWC and our attempts to reach an agreement with IKA. We will now deal direct with ISAF in good faith in the best interests of the sport, its riders, our commercial partners and our supporters. We are looking forward to working with ISAF to develop a successful partnership which will not only enable the VKWC to grow but also will deliver fantastic developments and growth …


IKA terminates agreement with PKRA with immediate effect

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) regrets to announce that the contract between IKA and the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) has been terminated. All World Championship rights for all kiteboarding disciplines including Freestyle, Big Air, Wave and Slalom immediately revert to IKA. Neither PKRA nor its new ownership, currently known as Virgin Kitesurf World Championships, are able to conduct any further World Tour events after the conclusion of the event currently taking place in Tarifa. Following the acquisition of PKRA by new ownership, PKRA changed the branding of its competition, and continued to conduct competition events under this brand, in material and persistent breach of the existing contract. The IKA has attempted since September 2014 to reach agreement on a new contract that would enable PKRA to, among other items, conduct competition events under its desired branding. However despite these repeated attempts, PKRA failed to both rectify their consistent contract breaches or agree a new contract. The IKA recently served PKRA a final formal remedy period of 28 days in which to rectify their consistent breaches of the existing contract. After receiving no response from PKRA that were capable to remedy the breaches, the IKA has no legal option but …


#Venezuela2015 – Notice of Race

The Notice of Race for the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships in Venezuela 2015 is online. The disciplines Freestyle and Big Air will take place at Isla de Coche. Please visit the Venezuela event site for further information.


Allgemein PKRA Triple-S Invitational USA

2015 Venyu Triple-S Invitational: New Format and Invited Riders List

Slider Extravaganza Slated to Celebrate 10 Years of the VENYU Triple-S Invitational In the spirit of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the VENYU Triple-S Invitational, event organizers at REAL Watersports, Inc. (REAL) are excited to announce a major twist in this year’s event, which is set to take place in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA, from May 30th to June 5th. Traditionally, the event has always featured three disciplines: Surf, Slicks, and Sliders. However, to commemorate a decade of legendary riding, sport-changing competition and epic parties, the 2015 VENYU Triple-S Invitational is going all in on Sliders this year. No joke, the entire week will feature kite park madness, set in the world-renowned REAL Slider Park. “The first Venyu Triple-S Invitational in 2006 was about like-minded riders getting together to push the sport of kiteboarding in a new direction. The 2015 Venyu Triple-S celebrates 10 years of progression and innovation, with an all new, all in sliders format. More time in the REAL Slider Park, more progression, more time to enjoy the Triple-S energy and stoke. And yes, it’s stilled called the Triple-S, because this year, the all-in sliders format means triple the prize money for the winners. All-in sliders…All-in …

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