We’re glad we’ve got Ruben Lenten on our team. He’s just so nice when it comes to throwing buckets of paint at him when we want to. He’s a pretty radical kiteboarder too, but this is the action we expect from him on days with no wind. Here’s a behind-the-scenes series of photos from the day we came up with the boardshorts campaign. And here’s a list of all the people who won a boardshort after joining our sweepstakes from this campaign:

Jordan Lewis
Matteo Gamberini
Paul de Jager
George Makris
Raymond Witvoet
Kwin Doan
Nikholas Vendetti
Ronalds Skulme
James Smith
Nynke Poelman
Paolino Kite
Ron Kolijn
Priit Pärna
Rinalds Balovskis
Zoe Scott
Norman Haggan
Justin Koornneef
Bob van Haren
George Daniel Craciun

Congratulations to all winners! To redeem your prize, click here and follow the instructions. Thanks for joining and make sure you keep coming back for more chances to win free Mystic gear!

Behind the paint action with LEN10