Introducing the all-new 2012 NeilPryde performance sail range. Bred tough, prepared and ready for just about anything.

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Following on from the successful use of our unique printing technology in 2011, the 2012 collection has evolved the patterns and colours to achieve more sophisticated and visually exciting results. And not only do the sails look good, they are also built tough. The 2012 collection features new reinforcements such as Armour Web and Twin Seams that considerably improve the durability and resilience of the sails.

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NeilPryde website revamps with a fresh new look

As you can see we have updated our website with a new look and a host of new features. We recognised that more and more people are using their phones to browse the web so the new site is fully mobile-friendly. There is no need for a separate App to browse the site content like news and videos. Finding a local NeilPryde dealer has never been easier with our GeoIP tool at the bottom of every page. And all the product information is more clearly presented without the need to click around. If you don’t feel like reading just sit back and watch the entertaining video presentations. Enjoy.

2012 Mast range

With the new NeilPryde mast range you can choose a level of performance regardless of your budget and which NeilPryde sails you have, and be assured that the mast/sail fit will be optimised.

Performance with no compromises.

Durability, great response and light feel.

Affordable performance.

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2012 Extension range

All 2012 NeilPryde extensions come with a stainless steel cleat/pulley bottom assembly. Until now this feature was exclusive to our top of the line MXT extensions. The stainless steel cleat/pulley has been designed to be light and strong (withstanding over 900kg of downhaul load) and is used across the range.

New to the 2012 range are the MXT 34 and 48 SDM Carbon and the MXT 34 RDM Carbon extensions which offer the best weight to stiffness ratio creating very light but also extremely strong extensions.

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2012 NeilPryde waterwear

At NeilPryde, R&D is the core of our universe. Our design brief is to create technologically innovative products using an optimum combination of cutting-edge materials that cut wind-chill and keep you warm and comfortable even in the most extreme conditions. The 2012 Collection is now out.

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