Athletes share top attractions to see in Qatar

Qatar is full of unique things to see and do, and with the capital city of Doha just an hour’s drive from Fuwairit Kite Beach, the athletes had the opportunity to do some exploring off the water. 

The city of Doha has a blend of international influence and Qatari culture. A juxtaposition of ultra-modern skyscrapers alongside beaches and traditional markets makes it a unique place to visit. Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour athletes offer insights into the top five attractions and activities to experience during your visit to Qatar:

Visiting the souq

Souq Waqif is a cultural highlight of Doha. Souq means marketplace and a a web of colourful alleys full of local wares branch off from a vibrant square. The souq really comes alive on Fridays and at night when families, locals and internationals come together to share food or shop for a huge array of items.

The original souq buildings date back to the late 19th century, but today, vendors still sell spices, garments and handmade crafts just as they have done traditionally for years. It’s an extremely colourful place with so much to see and explore and a real insight into Qatari heritage.