Antoine Albeau – The Legend of Windsurfing – FRA 192
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Antoine Albeau – FRA 192
Nickname: Tonio
Date of Birth: 17/06/72
Height: 185
Debut: 1992
Residence: France
Nationality: French
Accomplishments: 25 x World Champion and Speed Record Holder 54.17 kts – 100.32km/h
2018 25 World Titles – World Champion Slalom, 1st Slalom & 2nd Foil Fly! ANA Yokosuka PWA World Cup, 2nd Slalom and 5th Foil 2018 Ulsan PWA World Cup, 4th Foil & 10th Slalom Costa Brava, 2nd Portugal, 1st Fuerteventura, 2nd Slalom & 6th Foil – Sylt.
2017 World Champion Slalom, 1st Slalom Noumea, 14th Foil Noumea, Catalunya PWA World Cup 1st Slalom & Foil, 1st Fuerteventura, 1st Hvide Sande
2016 Ranked 5th overall Slalom
2015 PWA World Champion Slalom
2014 PWA World Champion Slalom
2013 PWA World Champion Slalom
2012 World Champion PWA Slalom
2011 2nd PWA Slalom
2010 PWA Slalom World Champion
2009 PWA Slalom World Champion
2008 PWA Slalom World Champion
2007 PWA Slalom World Champion
2006 PWA Slalom 42 World Champion
2006 PWA Super X World Champion

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