It is with a heavy heart that we spread this news of Andy Irons untimely death. Initial reports have him passing away after getting dengue fever in Puerto Rico where outbreaks have been reported. On Sunday, Andy, 32, withdrew from the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico citing an illness. According to reports which have yet to be confirmed, Andy was so sick he was unable to board his flight from Dallas to Kauai, got a hotel room, and was found there dead by an employee leaving behind a pregnant wife, family, and world full of friends and fans.

Andy will be greatly missed by all.

Andy took the ASP World Tour by storm and won the World Championship in 2002, 2003, and 2004. He will be remembered as the one guy in the world who could regularly beat Kelly Slater and his surfing in waves of consequence will live on forever. Just this year, Andy was one of five surfers we chose to have in the TransWorld SURF surf movie, High Five. His part was last (given to the best performing surfer) and perfectly displayed his legendary backside tube riding skills and man-sized hacks.


Irons hatte am Sonntag seine Teilnahme am Rip Curl Pro Search aufgrund von Krankheit abgesagt. Nach ersten Erkenntnissen war er an Dengue-Fieber erkrankt. Er starb in einem Hotelzimmer in Dallas, nachdem er sich unbestätigten Gerüchten zufolge zu schwach fühlte seinen Weiterflug nach Kauai anzutreten. Andy Irons hinterlässt seine schwangere Frau Lyndie, seine Familie und eine Welt voller Freunde und Fans.

Wir sind geschockt und sind in Gedanken bei seinen Angehörigen.

R.I.P Andy !

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