Zane’s all new favorite board. Zane competed on his 6’9 Spice taking first at US Nationals qualifying for the ISA Worlds.

„The all new Starboard SPICE has finished R&D and is now available! Beveled rails, forward volume, and drawn in thumb tail combined to offer effortless rail to rail transitions and a progressive blend of drive with release- not to mention the comfort and stability for how high performance this board is with dimensions of 6’9” x 25.5” x 75L!

Best part is, when you invest into ANY STB PRODUCT, YOU INVEST INTO THE OCEANS with a 10x Climate Positive Carbon offset program REMOVING 1.1 KG OF TRASH from the oceans along with 3 MANGROVE TREES PLANTED with each board sale! This is why I’m proud to be an #OceanGuardian and world champion athlete for Starboard!“

~ Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

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Source: Starboard SUP