From small beach breaks where you want to create drive, acceleration and speed, to double overhead reef breaks, where power need to be controlled, the pro range is the ultimate no compromise board for all conditions.

The 2016 pro range offers a variety of sizes for riders between 75 and 95 kg’s to push themselves to their limits.

9’0 / 8’5 and 7’7 are all mono concave for lift and speed to slight V off the tail off the tail for release. The 7’7 is a forward V running through to a monoconcave tail.

Area squash tails provide ultimate reactivity with a moderately pulled in nose dealing with late drops and hollow sections.

Rockers have relatively flat mid section, with pronounced tail kick for the ultimate blend of acceleration, speed, ability to project vertically and tight pocket turning.

016 Rails have been refined for extra reactivity control and sensitivity.

The choice for High performance SUP surfing.


Source: Starboard SUP