Slingshot 2012 so what have they got in the pipeline for us?

Below is a brief overview of the 2012 product line for you guys to check out with all the changes from 2011 – 2012

First off lets start with the new 2012 Slingshot kite boards:

Slingshot Mayhem 2012

The Mayhem is a full on freestyle kite board with Slingshot’s first technology.This is a totally new kite board from Slingshot and is Andy Yeats (current PKRA world Champion) board of choice and what he is riding for 2012 the board comes in only two sizes

– 132x40cm
– 136x42cm

The Mayhem has the Fast track System. This does two major things for both the board and the rider. The first is the flex, with the fast track system you have continuous flex throughout the board where as other boards have inserts these inserts are very heavy and also reduce the amount of flex in the board. The fast track system also offers the rider the world’s best option for stance on Kite boards. We at S2AS believe you should never walk out of any kitesurf shop with a kiteboard with out it being setup for you in the shop that’s all part of the service! With the fast track we are no longer limited to stand options the kite boards have up to a 57” spread so tall or short narrow or wide we can now set your kiteboard up specifically for you the rider.

The new Slingshot Mayhem also has a Fusion Tech Rail, this is the same technology you have in skateboard wheels well slingshot have put this material in the side walls of the Mayhem so no more plastic ABS rails that shatter on a hard impact, The Fusion rail improves the damping of the board and also increases the rails durability beyond anything ever seen in kiteboarding before now.

Custom Culture Graphics – no two boards are the same each board is unique and hand made in the USA not in a china factory
And also “V” Channels these will give you control through chop and clean release off the water.

Slingshot Darkside 2012

Ok so some of you have heard of this board but how many of you have ridden it or even see it in the flesh? Not many I’m guessing as these kiteboards were super limited in 2011 and I’m sure it will be the same in 2012. Like many retailers we at S2AS only had a hand full of these and could have sold so many more and let me tell you why.

The Darkside is the ultimate kiteboard that will also double up as a wake board so if you like to hit the cable as well as kitesurf the is a one board quiver that you can hit every obstacle on the way round the cable and putting full wrap boots on the Darkside is NOT a problem

Its no secret that Slingshot’s Wake program has been killing it in the USA and UK and when you look at the Darkside you can see why. Slingshot have taken all the DNA from the wakeboards and blended it with the kiteboards DNA to come up with the Darkside, a very different kiteboard.

The first thing you notice is the fins sitting way back down the rocker line of the board why is this well all of us kiters really do not want to be rider 142cm kiteboards but we know if we want to be doing wakestyle tricks landing hard and fast we need the volume, Slingshot have the answer by dropping the fins back this makes the board feel and rider smaller than a 142cm but on landing you know your on a 142cm as its just soooo forgiving to land hard and fast. Pop!? boy does this board have pop by the bucket loads too.

The Darkside again this year has Durabase, the World’s most durable base for rails and kickers or riding up the beach!

The Darskide also have the Fast track system and the Fusion rails.

This board is for Intermediate to advanced wake style only and the board comes in one size only 142 x 43.5cm

Slingshot Misfit 2012

This board has been around in the Slingshot range for years, but just like a good wine just gets better with age. Again made in the USA with fast track system for the best stance options possible, Fusion Rails to give the board more dampening and increases rail durability.

The graphics this year have also stepped up check them out.

Slingshot Darko 2012

Ok so some of us liked the killa rabbit on the board some of us didn’t, I have to say I hated the rabbit, but graphics for me are the last thing I’m worried about. Saying that check this bad boy out! The new 2011 Slingshot Darko is off the chart! I for one love it! As for the board itself Slingshot have removed the channels in the base of the board but added a deeper concave.

Board sizes: 132 x 41
135 x 43 (this may end up being 42 wide)

Source: s2as