The IKA releases the final list of Wild Card recipients for the 2011 Kite Surf Pro world tour. The chosen riders are now invited to accept their tour license and secure their spot on this year’s KSP circuit.

IKA: “After the Wild Card application process for the Kite Surf Pro world championship tour was closed on June 1, 2011 an extensive voting process was initiated, involving 6 parties in the decision making process. The members of all parties were asked to submit a selection of their top 15 male and top 8 female riders. The parties involved were the National Kite Associations, the panel of judges, the IKA industry and media partners, the KSP and the PKRA wave riders committee.”

All submissions were assembled into the final Wild Card list that reads as follows:

Male Wild Cards:
Ian Alldredge (USA)
Patrick Rebstock (USA)
Josh Mulcoy (USA)
Ryland Blakeney (AUS)
Jesse Richman (HI)
Kai Lenny (HI)
Bear Karry (USA)
Martin Vari (ARG)
Patri McLaughlin (HI)
Nuno Figueiredo (POR)
Marc Ramseier (SWI)
Juan Pablo Diban (CHI)
Jeremie Eloy (FRA)
Sebastien Schmitt (RE)
Lee Harvey (GBR)

Female Wild Cards:
Kirsty Jones (GBR)
Kristin Boese (GER)
Adriana Harlan (HI)
Moona Whyte (HI)
Melissa Gil (CR)
Suzanne Kuiper (NED)
Marie Gautron (FRA)
Kelly Wren Strachan (MEX)
Milla Knese (BRA)
Ines Correira (POR)
Maayke Tadema (NED)