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Mikaili Sol is the 2019 World Champion taking the title in Brazil, at Duro Beach. Watch the highlights of the Women’s Finals.

Edit by Laci Kobulsky

1 Mikaili Sol (BRA) (Duotone, ION) 34.2
2 Bruna Kajiya (BRA) (North Kiteboarding) 31.33
3 Rita Arnaus (ESP) (Slingshot) 20.6
4 Pippa van Iersel (NED) (Duotone, ION) 19.24

Triple Freestyle World Champion, Bruna Kajiya joins North international team.

Here is North Press:

North welcomes Bruna Kajiya!

North Kiteboarding is thrilled to announce that Triple Freestyle World Champion, Bruna Kajiya has joined our world-class team of international athletes.

The first female to land a Backside 315, Bruna is one of the most recognisable faces in kiteboarding with her powerful and progressive riding style.

Brazilian born and bred, Bruna’s love for the ocean started through surfing, where she picked up the nickname ‘Little Fish’. From the moment she tried kiteboarding, Bruna has been working her way to the top. With numerous feats including 5 x Brazilian Champion, 2x Triple S Winner and 3 x Vice World Champion, it’s safe to say that Bruna is one of the best female riders out there.

Mike Raper, Brand Director at North says “Bruna has such a powerful vision for women that pushes riding styles to the limit. We are stoked for her to join our team and very excited to see where her drive and passion will take her next.”

When it comes to training, Bruna’s self-motivation and discipline is relentless. With regular training sessions at the Red Bull headquarters in LA, she’s a force to be reckoned with. A true icon for female riders, Bruna is dedicated to empowering women to get involved in the sport.

Bruna believes that kiteboarding is a means to express her true self. Her dedication to training, the way she moves, and even her bubbly personality, can all be seen when she is out on the water. We can’t wait to support Bruna in taking her riding to the next level.


This video pictures Osaïa Reding’s training days in Brazil. Check it out!

Carlos Mario – World Champion

Posted: 12th Januar 2018 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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This video is like a love letter to kiteboarding written by Carlos Mario. Check it out.

Christophe Tack new World Champion

Posted: 31st Oktober 2014 by Kitemovement in PKRA
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The road to victory of freestyle kiteboarder Christophe Tack, the PKRA World Champion Freestyle 2014.

Red Deck by Alex Pastor

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Brand new edit coming from the recently crowned World Champion, Alex Pastor. This one was shot in Alex’s favourites spots around Cauípe in Brazil. Sit back and relax. You will see some perfectly executed and powerful manouvres in a professionaly edited video. It’s definitely worth watching.

PKRA World Champion Gisela Pulido

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Hola Kite-mates, Ja wir haben von ihr berichtet und die spanische Best Kite Prinzessin Gisela Pulido ist jeden Artikel wert. Mit nur 19 Jahren ist sie nun zum neunten Mal PKRA World Champion. Schon jetzt kann sie auf eine Karriere zurückblicken, wie sie manch anderer mit 25 noch nicht erreicht hat, dabei hat sie mit [...]

PKRA China 2013 – day 3

Posted: 24th Oktober 2013 by Kitemovement in PKRA
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Pastor wins the World title, Tack and Gisela win Pingtan

An incredible day of kitesurfing took place today at the Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup in China. Alex pastor from Spain won the 2013 PKRA freestyle world title, Christophe tack and Gisela Pulido won the Pingtan, China event and Reno Romeu set a Guinness world record. The conditions were extreme with 20 knots of wind and a solid 3 to 4 meter hurricane swell. The competition started with the double elimination where Aaron Hadlow won 6 consecutive heats, defeating in the new world champion and eventually losing to Christophe tack in the final. Gisela Pulido defended her second-place finish and then went on to defeat Karolina Winkowska twice to win the event and take a commanding lead in the points rankings for 2013.

PKRA China 2013

“After three years of trying to win the title and working so hard, it is great to win and it will be something that I will remember the rest of my life. To win when the level is this high with so many top riders like Youri, Aaron, Marc, Liam, Christophe and more is incredible. I can now start preparing for next year”-Alex Pastor

The freestyle conditions were absolutely perfect again with a solid breeze and kickers for the competitors to hit, everyone could ride to their full potential. Ariel Corniel and Reno Romeu took advantage of the double elimination to advance a few places. The clear winner was Aaron Hadlow who came back from his fifth place finish all the way to second defeating Pastor, Whaley, Jacobs, Rondina, Romeu and Borisov along the way. He eventually went on to lose to Christophe Tack who was still on fire, landing again the big flat seven and blind judge five. Aaron Hadlow landed a spectacular slim seven against Liam Whaley who also landed a flat seven and blind judge fives this was the highest scoring heat of the day.

PKRA China 2013

“I’m very happy to win this event, the conditions were like Cape Town where I trained all winter and I was able to show all the tricks that I can do”- Christophe Tack

The conditions allowed the riders to show many different tricks du to the fact that there were so many kickers in the competition area. We have never seen so many perfect flat 7’s crow mobes, G-spots, blind pete, toe side 313 and more.

“I’m super happy to be on the podium, the conditions were really working to my style of riding. I’m happy to have one six consecutive heats but unfortunately was exhausted against tack in the final” -Aaron Hadlow

the two standouts in the women’s divisions were Annabel Van Westerop and Gisela Pulido, Annabel came back from last place after missing the single elimination all the way back to third by defeating Paula Novotna and then losing to Gisela. Gisela and Karolina kept their rivalry going by performing two incredible heats that were both very close. Pulido did just enough to beat Karolina twice to secure the win and take a 200 points lead in the overall rankings.

PKRA China 2013

“It is very intense to compete against Karolina and to defeat her twice, we both have a similar level and we have such close heats, I am so happy to have won today”-Gisela Pulido

Once the freestyle was finished it was up to Garat, Jaspan, Rodwald, Corniel and Romeu to try to set a Guinness world record for the most members of spinsin a jump. Reno Romeu from Brazil set the record with seven spins with all the officials present and the cameras rolling.

An absolute amazing day of kitesurfing took place today, it will probably be remembered as the highlight of the 2013 season. Congratulations again to Alex Pastor, Christophe Tack, Gisela Pulido and Reno Romeu for all their success and to all the competitors for putting on a great show and fierce competition.