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The wind died in revolt of the commercialism

Posted: 6th April 2013 by Jeff Bennett in Allgemein
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Just got this in my inbox via the contact form from a guy who wouldn’t even leave his email address so I thought I’d address it publicly; Name: derwwod Message: This used to be the coolest site because it had a grass roots vibe to it – now the main picture is no longer windsurfing […]
We’re currently into one of the longest no wind / light wind streaks I’ve seen here on Maui in a long time. We’re already about three weeks into it and though it looks like trade winds might return next week they’re forecast to still be very light. Here’s a little video Matt Pritchard put together […]
Happy New Year everyone! The new year has kicked off on Maui with a ginormous north shore swell and raging winds. Winds today have been gusting over 40, similar to what they’ve done the last few days. Way too bumpy and gnarly and squally for me to enjoy and not worth the risk of re-injuring […]
This video of Goya rippers Levi Siver and Marcilio Browne just hit the web a couple of days ago. Enjoy! 1st edit from Ocean4Hawaii on Vimeo. As for current conditions here on Maui, we went from an extended period of light wind to now where we’re having an extended period of blasting winds – gusty, […]
It’s not officially winter by the calendar yet, but as far as Maui windsurfing goes, we’re definitely in winter mode. Lots of north shore surf action. Trade winds have backed off and have gotten much more sporadic. We’re currently in an extended bout of very light, and mostly southerly winds that looks to last into […]
Another couple of days of wind and waves here on Maui and the competition at Hookipa continues. Waves have been on the decline since Saturday’s peak, but still plenty to hold the competition. Not content to just compete, and win the pro single elimination, Kevin Pritchard has put together this video clip of the action [...]
The 2012 Maui Makani Classic kicked off yesterday morning with opening ceremonies at Hookipa.The event kicked off with a traditional Hawaiian blessing and ceremony followed by head judge Matt Pritchard briefing the competitors on what to expect. Matt then released … Continue reading
Professional windsurfing competition returns to Maui this week with the return of the American Windsurfing Tour’s Maui Makani Classic. Registration kicks off Wednesday evening with the first day of potential competition on Thursday. See the full schedule of events below … Continue reading
Although the north shore surf season arrived a few weeks ago and we’ve been seeing waves on the north shore fairly regularly since then, we got our first truly extra large surf event this past week – much earlier than … Continue reading
We’ve had a couple of north shore surf episodes already in the last few weeks and it looks like the north shore surf season is about to heat up even more. According to the official Hawaii surf forecast by Pat … Continue reading