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Pippa van Iersel had two amazing weeks training in Tarifa. Take a look at a few clips from her sessions! Her new vlog, it’s a mix of freestyle, lifestyle, megaloops and fun.

Spots: Balneario, Lagoon and Arte Vida.

This video pictures Osaïa Reding’s training days in Brazil. Check it out!

Liam Whaley training on the blue waters of the Caribbean! Take a look at episode 2 of World Of Whaley, shot in Bonaire!

Liam Whaley
Gianmaria Cocoluto
Maxime Chabloz
Mikaili Sol
Valentin Rodriguez

Film Credits:
Fabio Ingrosso
Gianmaria Cocoluto
Maxime Chabloz

It feels like a real KITELOOP!

Posted: 21st April 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Roderick Pijls spent the beginning of 2019 in Cape Town. Watch him training hard for the upcoming season!

Filming: Jalou Langeree, Marian Hund, Thomas & Martijn Roos

“MaxWorld” is Maxime Chabloz’s new series. The first episode is out and was shot in Bonaire. Watch the young shredder training in the Caribbean! Stay tuned for more action and trips.

Special Guests: Mikaili Sol, Valentin Rodrigues, Gianmaria Coccoluto, Liam Waley, Aron Rosslee and Fabio Ingrosso

Edit by Maxime Chabloz
Video by Gianmaria Coccoluto, Fabio Ingrosso, Aron Rosslee and Maxime Chabloz

Pippa van Iersel // Kiting to my house?!

Posted: 3rd April 2019 by Paula Pintão in Holland
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Pippa van Iersel is back in Holland, after a month training in Australia. Watch her enjoying a fun session at home!

In the first episode of “World Of Whaley”, Liam Whaley shows us what is like to spend a day in winter at home, in Tarifa. Kiteboarding, training and fun with friends made a great day! See for yourself.

Maxi Gomez
Sergio Turegano
Jasandar Sanchez

Watch Dimitri and Cameron Maramenides training in Dominican Republic! Enjoy their fun foil race with DR crew, Aryen, Alex, Brad, Nisael, Kirstyn and Shawn O’Brien.

Music: YFU – Trap Beat


Posted: 25th Januar 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch Claudia León training hard in Brazil! Check out her video from her recent trip.

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Andrea and Cristiano Vicari were in Sicily training at Prokite Alby Rondina. Watch Vicari brothers pushing themselves in Marsala!

Camera and editing: Andrea Ubertallo