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Brasil Star Team

Posted: 30th April 2016 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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Dylan Cristofari and Simon Zenger show us that Taiba is one of the best places to kite in Brazil. Watch the boys shredding in Ceará!

Best Sessions Taiba

Posted: 29th März 2016 by Paula Pintão in Sam Medysky
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Rita Arnaus, Val Garat, Hannah Whiteley and Sam Medysky ripping in Brazil! Watch their fun sessions in Taiba!

Shot by:
Vincent Bergeron
Noe Font
David Drinkwater
Sam Medysky

Andrea Ragazzoni kitesurfing Brazil

Posted: 20th März 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Andrea Ragazzoni has chosen Brazil for a winter training. Watch Italian rider shredding in Taiba!

Every fall Craig Cunningham makes the pilgrimage to the sleepy fishing village of Taiba on the Ceara coast of Brazil. It’s windy everyday, glassy flat water, bikinis are in abundance, cervazas are flowing and the crew is always deep.

Watch and enjoy Craig’s “Habitual” trip to Brazil!

Behind the lens: Colleen Carroll, Sam Medysky, Noe Font, Vincent Bergeron, Tobias Hoelter, Ewan Jaspan.

Taiba Flow

Posted: 8th Februar 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Once the cable season was over in Belgium, it was time to score some quality sessions on a kite again. So last November Axel Tack headed out to Taiba, Brazil, with his two brothers and lifetime friend Sam van Olmen.

Watch Axel having fun riding on the flat waters of this magical spot!


Posted: 4th Februar 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Blaine Baker shredding in Brazil! Watch him pushing the limits of performance in Cumbucco, Taiba and Barrinha. Enjoy.

Young Spanish rider Nina Font went to Brazil for the first time to train and enjoy some of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. Watch this nice compilation of her freestyle sessions in Cumbuco, Preá (Jericoacoara), Ilha do Guajirú and Taiba.

Cameras: Gerson Balbuena, Noè Font, Craig Cunningham, Jodi Thompson and Nina Font
Music: ODESZA – Memories That You Call

Taiba Kickers

Posted: 11th Januar 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch Christophe Tack shredding on his brand new video “Taiba Kickers”. Press play!

Filmed and edited by Sam Van Olmen

Sliding Through Brazil

Posted: 7th Januar 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Young Luca Rosevear put together this short edit that pictures his days riding in the slicks of Taiba, Brazil.

Brazil is one of those destination in the kiteboarding season, from October to December it has some of the steadiest trade winds, perfect flat water lagoons and a great scene of kiteboarders from all over the world to ride with.

Tom Court headed out to Taiba to link up with Aaron Hadlow, Jerome Clotens and Noè Font to ride with them and film some clips.

Watch Tom’s brand new clip shot in Brazil!