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After the loss of someone close with cancer, Cedric Tassier created a charity project Kite4Cancer. He decided to do a Kitesurf Iron Man riding 600km downwind in Brazil. In 6 days he crossed 3 Brazilian states, sailing from Taiba to Atins. It was a unique lifetime experience!

During my childhood, I had the opportunity to grow-up on a sailing boat on a trip all around the world with my family. Since this exclusive experience I have learned how much life is unique and how important it is to push our limits to make the best of our lives. Last year my beloved Candice had to face the fight against the cancer of the remarkable Carl Hemingway. It reminds us how precious health and life are. In november 2016 I challenged myself in accomplishing an Iron Man of 600Km on the water with my kitesurf by crossing 3 Brazilian states. I tried to make this possible and to push my own limits for a good cause.

If like us, you don’t want to stop the fight against cancer please support it by any donation that will go to “the French League against cancer”. The target is to collect $10 per km.“”

Wild eyes

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Emely Freja Petersen spent 2 and a half months in Brazil. She had an amazing time training in Uruau, Cumbuco, Taiba, Ilha de Guiju, Macapa and Atins. Watch Danish rider enjoying her time spent on the water, doing what she loves the most!

Laura Jaubert spent one month in Brazil, training hard and progressing on her freestyle tricks. Watch the French kitesurfer ripping in Uruau, Cauipe and Taiba. Enjoy!

Song: Way down we go – Kaleo
Editing: Laura Jaubert


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Tobi Albrecht spent his autumn holidays in Taiba. Watch him enjoying the sun, wind and waves of Brazil!

Song: “Nobody Speak” feat. Run The Jewels – DJ Shadow (The Mountain Will Fall)

Check out this short compilation of last season in Taiba, Brazil!

Shot by: Vincent Bergeron, Sam Medysky

Ewan Jaspan
Hannah Whiteley
Bruna Kajiya
Chris Simpson
Paula Novotna
Rita Arnaus
Val Garat
Paul Serin
Noe Font
Sensi Graves
Colleen Carroll
David Drinkwater
Oswald Smith
Aaron Hadlow
Ali Barrett
Craig Cunningham
Brandon Scheid
Sam Medysky
Tom Court
Sam Light
Eric Rienstra

Brazil Taiba 2016

Posted: 25th Juli 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch Simon Zenger ripping in Taiba, Brazil!

Brasil Star Team

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Dylan Cristofari and Simon Zenger show us that Taiba is one of the best places to kite in Brazil. Watch the boys shredding in Ceará!

Best Sessions Taiba

Posted: 29th März 2016 by Paula Pintão in Sam Medysky
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Rita Arnaus, Val Garat, Hannah Whiteley and Sam Medysky ripping in Brazil! Watch their fun sessions in Taiba!

Shot by:
Vincent Bergeron
Noe Font
David Drinkwater
Sam Medysky

Andrea Ragazzoni kitesurfing Brazil

Posted: 20th März 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Andrea Ragazzoni has chosen Brazil for a winter training. Watch Italian rider shredding in Taiba!

Every fall Craig Cunningham makes the pilgrimage to the sleepy fishing village of Taiba on the Ceara coast of Brazil. It’s windy everyday, glassy flat water, bikinis are in abundance, cervazas are flowing and the crew is always deep.

Watch and enjoy Craig’s “Habitual” trip to Brazil!

Behind the lens: Colleen Carroll, Sam Medysky, Noe Font, Vincent Bergeron, Tobias Hoelter, Ewan Jaspan.