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“True Brazilian story” by Maureen Castelle is out! Watch here her amazing adventure in Taiba, Brazil. Have fun!

Videos: Joao Pinheiro

Maureen Castelle presents a short teaser of her new video shot in Taiba. “True Brazilian story” is coming out soon, so you better stay tuned!

A short edit of an amazing adventure in Brazil with Linda Viktoria Olofsson and Sigurd Toverud. Watch them exploring and kiting the lagoons of Barra Nova and Taiba!

A short clip from Natalia Grabowska’s last trip to Brazil. Watch Polish rider training and chilling in Barra Nova, Taiba and Paracuru.

Music: Sofi Tukker – Matadora
Camera: Marta Wysocka & Mac Kajtis
Edit: Natalia Grabowska

Home sweet home (Taiba&Cauipe)

Posted: 26th Februar 2017 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch Sebastien Reding having a blast kiting in Taiba and Cauipe. Enjoy his short edit from Brazil!

Here is the last part of Osaia Reding Commaille’s kite trip in Brazil. Check out this young talented rider, whit only 13 years old, training in Taiba, Ceara!

Taiba Vaca

Posted: 14th Februar 2017 by Paula Pintão in Sam Medysky
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Taking a trip to Taiba for some sunshine, wind and good vibes! Check out this short clip by Sam Medysky.

Brazil is such an amazing playground. Check out Gianmaria Coccoluto training hard in Taiba and Ilha do Guajiru. Enjoy the Brazilian vibes!


Nina Font shares with us her newest video from her trip to Brazil. Watch Spanish rider training hard in Taiba!

Filmed by Noè, Colleen, Craig, Gerson, David, Nina.
Edited by Nina.
Song: Odesza – Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

Lindsay McClure headed out to Brazil for a 7-week shred fest. Check out this short video picturing her fun days riding in Taiba with perfect conditions! Enjoy.