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A Town Throwdown

Posted: 5th August 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Cynthia Cynbad Brown shares her newest strapless video shot in Arlington, Oregon. Enjoy “A Town Throwdown”!

Watch Ralph Boelen shredding strapless in his new video shot in Mauritius. Enjoy!

A short kitesurfing video picturing good times in Ireland! Enjoy.

Nice strapless video presented by Sivan Oz! Watch him shredding at a secret spot in the Mediterranean sea, in northern Israel.

Video: Dan Margalit
Edit: Dan Margalit and Sivan Oz

A fun strapless video with Vincent Martin. Watch the young rider enjoying a few days in paradise!

“In Strapless We Trust” is a short movie shot in Réunion Island. Watch 5 and a half minutes of pure strapless action!

Riders: Teva Teiti, Thomas Schmitt, Phil Allengrin, Seb Schmitt, Stephen Ahu, Pj Durand, A Jacoby.
Spots: Pointos, Rb, Saint Pierre

Edit: Thomas Schmitt
Film:Thomas Schmitt, Teva Teiti,Gabriel Madi

Nice strapless video shot in Mauritius, starring Julien Kerneur and Reider Decker. It’s worth to watch!

One minute edit shot in Cape Verde starring Ismail Adarzane. You better check it out!

Shot by Gabriele Rumbolo

A little strapless clip starring Bear Karry! Check it out.

Tapas y Vino

Posted: 28th Juni 2017 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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A little strapless video starring Haydn Fischer! Enjoy.

Triv – High
Drake – 6 God