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Watch Camille Delannoy having a good time ripping in Tarifa!

Travel down the French coast to north of Spain with Benjamin Beholz! Watch the highlights of his perfect road trip.

Take a look at Ruben Lenten’s new episode of “On The Fly” series! Follow him as he jumps a pier in Tarifa, enjoys fun sessions at the lagoon in Azerbaijan and flies high in Dieppe, in the Normandy.

Alex Pastor and friends enjoying a fun cold session in Tarifa. Take a look!

Shot and Cut by Maximilian Seitz

Winter At Home

Posted: 7th Februar 2018 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Alex Pastor enjoying 3 days of fun on water and snow in Spain! His video was shot in Tarifa and Serra Nevada.

Last June, talented young riders joined in Spain at the 2017 Next Generation camp in San Pere Pescador, coached by Etienne Lhôte. Watch the highlights of this intense training week!

Riders: Mikaili Sol, Osaia Reding, Javier Jimenez, Sebastian JR Ducos, Malcom Desvaux, Oscar Perrineau, Kimo Verkerk, Maxime Chabloz, Hugo Metton, Luis Fernando, Manoel Soares, Guigui Costa, Théo Fermon.

Directed by Jop Heemskerk

Watch young Spanish rider Osaïa Reding enjoying good days at home, in Mojácar.

Watch young Spanish rider Kiko Roig Torres, aka Kiket, enjoying nice summer sessions.

Check out the best moments of the final day at the 2017 WKL Youth Cup, in Costa Brava.

All the highlights from the 2017 WKL Youth Cup held in Costa Brava! Check it out.