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In the men’s doubles elimination on Day 8, Brazilian Sebastian Ribeiro won 7 heats! He will be facing James Storm Carew again in the semi-finals.

Video by Mintautas Grigas

Round 8, heat #33: Oswald Smith
Round 7, heat #32: Jan Marcos Riveras
Round 6, heat #31: Pedro Matos
Round 5, heat #30B: Willow-River Tonkin-Shakes
Round 4, heat #29B: Jeremy Chan
Round 3, heat #27B: Charlie Wise
Round 2, heat #25A: Alessandro D’Ambrosio

Here is Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro and James Carew ripping with the new Neo 2020. Take a look at Duotone product clip!


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Follow Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro and Pedro Matos on a ‘Ozdyssey’ in Western OZ, as they chase the swell of their dreams.

The Search of Surge

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“The Search of Surge”, a must watch for today! It’s a 9 minute wave riding film featuring Sebastian Ribeiro. Enjoy watching!


Director / DP / Editor
Tiago Azzi

Athlete / Producer
Sebastian Ribeiro

Invited Athletes
Pedro Matos
James Carew
Airton Cozzolino
Mitu Monteiro

Lucas Schertel

Comeback – NYM (Marmoset)
Moving Dust – The Black Hole Janitors (Soundcloud)

Tom Court and Colleen Carroll headed out to Brazil to meet up with Brazilian locals Reno Romeu and Sebastian Ribeiro. Watch them exploring one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy these 6 and a half minutes of action!

There’s no place like home! Watch Sebastian Ribeiro shredding at home in Brazil.

A movie documenting the history of strapless kitesurfing, following the wave riding elite through time, starting in 2006. Learn about the personal strapless journeys of Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro and Patri McLaughlin. Enjoy “The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing”!


When wind and waves are lined up, it’s time to enjoy and get the most out of what nature offers. Watch Sebastian Ribeiro having fun in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Watch Sebastian Ribeiro and Mitu Monteiro enjoying a beautiful sunset down wind session from Rancho do Peixe in Prea to the town of Jericoacoara on the north coast of Brazil.


When it comes to waves, there’s no place like Indo. Flying in from all corners of the globe, Airton Cozzolino, Patri McLaughlin, Sebastian Ribeiro and Sky Solbach road-tripped off the beaten track to find the ultimate spot of grinding barrels for days.

Follow Airton, Patri, Sebastian and Sky as they take to the ocean, tuck into tubes, and find some shade in Indo. Enjoy!