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Mauricio Pedreira ripping strapless in Laguna, Santa Catarina. Enjoy some kitewave action in south of Brazil!

For Maurício Pedreira the important is to have fun on the water, even if the wind and wave conditions are not too perfect. Watch Brazilian shredder scoring some waves at his home spots in Santa Catarina, south of Brazil.

Check out Brazilian shredder João Henrique scoring some fun waves in Barra de Ibiraquera, Santa Catarina.

Filmed and edited by Claudio Lima Morlima

Maurício Pedreira challenging extreme conditions in Brazil, after a big polar anticyclone hit the coast of Santa Catarina. Watch him riding with gusty winds and a big swell in Praia do Porto, Imbituba.

“Refúgio” is a short film with the 3x Kitesurf World Champion Guilly Brandão, enjoying the conditions and surround of his home break, Ibiraquera, in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

This video covers Maurício Pedreira’s summer kite wave sessions in Santa Catarina. Watch Brazilian rider enjoying some fun swells with lots of sun and warm water.

Watch Brazilian rider Maurício Pedreira making the most out of Monday’s sessions at home, in Santa Catarina, Florianopolis. Few crowd, great waves and wind, a perfect combination for the best days of kiting and surfing.

Soul Surf – Maurício Pedreira

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This season Brazilian rider Maurício Pedreira decided to stay at home in Santa Catarina instead of traveling abroad. He wanted to explore new kite spots in Southern Brazil.

Watch Maurício scoring some good waves and drawing nice lines in this short clip filmed over the last months. Enjoy!

Mauricio Pedreira having a blast shredding one of his favorite spots in Santa Catarina, Brazil. There’s no place like home and when the winter season comes it’s time to enjoy strong winds and good swells in South of Brazil.

Watch Mauricio riding strapless some great waves!

Music : Dirty Harry – Gorillaz
Photo Cover : Kiteconection

Skippers meeting started at 07.30 since the forecast was looking good with a southern wind. Despite of the fact that the wind took some time to build, the contest went on hold. Around 11.30 the wind kicked in strong with wind speeds of approx. 25 knots.

The Mystic Pro

Since the first round was not finished on day 1, day 2 kicks off with the last 3 heats. Top favourite Sebastian Rebeiro did what he had to do andscored the 1st place advancing straight to round 3. The secretary of sport in the state of Catarina, Tanio Barreto, surfed really well in the tough conditions. Tanio is a former WCT surfer and knows how to play the game. With a heat score of 11.60 he also advanced to round 3.

The rain heavily increased and which resulted in lacked visibility for the judges to judge the riders. Therefore the contest went on hold. Around 15.00 the organisation decided to run the first three heats of round 2.

The Mystic Pro

The following riders won their heat (round 2) and advancing into round 3:

Heat 1: Davi Moraes (BRA)
Heat 2: Max Blom (NED)
Heat 3: Ian Glaza (BRA)

The Mystic Pro

After heat 3 the contest was cancelled for the day due to too much rain and bad visibility for the judges. The competition will start at heat 4 of round 2.

The forecast does not look good for day 3 since it says light winds. Later this week the wind will build again and so does the swell.

The Mystic Pro

The Mystic Pro carries total price money of 20.000 BRS, which is similar to 8000 USD.

A few exiting heats coming up!