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Wakecation – Episode 3

Posted: 25th März 2015 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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Episode 3: The Road Gap

In this episode, the guys do some scouting around Nitro City and find potential for a session over a road gap. They pull together some loose pallets, lash them together with tie-down straps and send Steel Lafferty over the road being pulled by Parks Bonifay on a jet ski. The morning session doesn’t produce the photos Steel wants so they spend the afternoon back at Nitro City hitting the cable park until the tide comes back up. On his second try at the road gap, Steel gets the shots he wants and the guys call it a day.

After the break up between Aaron Hadlow and Flexifoil we wondered what brand will Aaron ride for. Neither the brand nor the rider announced ot yet. We do know though that Aaron will ride North Kiteboarding kites.

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

Past winter in Cape Town, Hadlow tested some North prototypes and this week at the Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup he appeared with some “Red Bull kites” that might be the 2015 North Vegas or even a new Pro Model kite.

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

In the photos below you can check Stefan Spiessberger, NKB team rider, competing with same bar and same kite but different color schema.

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015


Posted: 28th Mai 2014 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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After 10 years of competing on the PKRA Freestyle Tour and claiming the 2009 World Champion Title, there was only one thing left for Kevin Langeree to do…. win the Red Bull King of the Air!

It all came down to variety, quality over quantity, and good style mixed with elements of extremity. Put your hands in the air and scream as Kevin separates the men from the boys, rattling through the heats to eventually, walk away with the 2014 Red Bull King of the Air Title.

Red Bull Unfastened 2014

Posted: 18th Mai 2014 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Check out some action from the Red Bull Unfastened 2014.

Highlights Red Bull Unfastened

Posted: 19th April 2014 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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Watch the Highlights of the Red Bull Unfastened.

  Hola Kite-mates, das Australien immer eine Reise wert ist und man dort Traumspots zum Surfen,Kitesurfen, Windsurfen und vielen anderen Sportarten wie Sand am Meer findet – muß man nicht mehr groß erwähnen,aber ist immer ein paar Zeilen wert.Doch Australien mal aus der Luft, mit Red Bull und dem schnellsten Drachenflieger Australiens zu sehen – [...]

Red Bull King of the Air 2014

Posted: 5th Februar 2014 by in Allgemein
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Hola Kite-mates, das wohl mit Abstand spektakulärste Kitesurf Event des Jahres – Red Bull King of the Air 2014 endete vor ein paar Tagen in Südafrika. Die international besten Rider lieferten sich abermal ein Kopf an Kopf Rennen der Superlative. Wer springt am höchsten, wer ist am kreativsten und wer hat den besten Style? Das [...]

Have a look at this short wrap up of Red Bull King of the Air 2013. King of the Air took place last February at Big Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.

Among the competitors were riders such as Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Light, Youri Zoon, Lewis Crathern, Andries Fourie, Kevin Langeree, Gianni Aragno, Shawn Richman, Luke Whiteside, Ruben Lenten, Billy Parker, Luke McGillewie, Johnno Scholte, Reno Romeu.
Have a look and enjoy!

Red Bull King of the Air Sieger

Posted: 7th Februar 2013 by in Allgemein, Südafrika
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Hola Kite-mates Es ist vollbracht. Das wohl derzeit größte Kitesurf Event Red Bull King of the Air ist beendet und die Sieger stehen fest. Der perfekte Austragungsort Südafrika lieferte Wind, Wellen und blauen Himmel. Alle 16 geladenen Rider und 8 Locals kämpften um den begehrten Titel und waren bereit, eine der besten Shows im Kitesport [...]

LEN10 – Career highlights

Posted: 1st Februar 2013 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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This video is Ruben Lenten’s tribute to his fans. It is his way to thank you all for the support and love. You can see the highlights of his carreer, epic jumps and stunts plus lifestyle shots and listen to some other riders speaking about Ruben including Robby Naish and Aaron Hadlow. Enjoy!