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“Paradigm Lost” is a surf film by Hawaiian waterman Kai Lenny, that captures the highest level of water sports action. Don’t miss the trailer of this amazing film, watch it now!

Cast & Crew:
Kai Lenny, Albee Layer, Jamie O’Brien, Levi Siver, John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Airton Cozzolino, Marcilio Browne, Kalani Chapman, Ryan Hipwood, Julian Wilson, Ridge Lenny, Matt Meola, Ian Walsh, Dusty Payne, Greg Long, Robby Naish, Laird Hamilton, Victor Lopez, Clyde Aikau, Dave Kalama.

Watch on on 02.10.2017 for one week only!

Competitors gathered at REAL for a photoshoot then jammed out 80s style with local favorites Frozen Head & the Squirrels...
10 reasons why the Venyu Triple-S rocks...

Red Bull Ragnarok 2015: the toughest battle yet!

Posted: 14th April 2015 by Zofia Tomczynska in Allgemein
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This is the video picturing this years Ragnarok track. The event was tougher than ever with only 4 of 300 kiters managed to finish. Watch the edit to find out everything about the event.

300 kiters from 28 countries competed in the world´s biggest and toughest snow kite competition that took place on the icy mountain plains of Hardangervidda in Norway. Only 4 kiters managed to complete the whole kite race.

The scenery was amazing with sun and clear blue sky, but constantly diminishing wind throughout the day made it challenging for the kiters.


Among the 4 kiters that managed to finish the race were the top 3 men kiting on skis and the winner in the snowboard class for men, Norwegian Sigve Botnen.

– The first lap was a bit slow, but when I changed to a bigger kite it went much better. My tactic was good, and so was the sight. This years Red Bull Ragnarok has to be the toughest I’ve ever been part of, I can feel the lactic acid in my thighs real good, says Sigve Botnen.


Ever since Red Bull Ragnarok was first arranged back in 2010, its popularity has only been growing. This year´s fifth edition was so popular the fight to secure a start number was almost as hard as the battle itself.

Among the lucky to secure spots, two thirds were international kiters. Many of the them travelled from countries such as Greece, South Africa, Croatia and Brazil, trading board shorts with windproof clothes and for some, it was even their fist time kiting on snow.


While some had been training long and hard to go all in, others, like three guys representing The Dominican Republic.

– I´m born ready! I’ve been kiting since the sport was popular in the 90s. Today has been amazing. Norway is fantastic, the nature is incredible, and the kiting on the plains of Hardangervidda has been extremely exhausting, but also priceless, says Luis Perez Paulino.


Among the international participants were some of the world’s most well known riders, like Dutch Ruben Lenten and Dimi de Jong, and Belgium´s Christophe Tack.

In spite of being in the world´s elite of kiting, Red Bull Ragnarok became one of the toughest kite races they have ever participated in.

Men ski: 1. Felix Kersten (GER), 2. Klemet Store (NOR), 3. Michael Kaspar (SUI)

Men snowboard: 1. Sigve Botnen (NOR) 2. Reinhold Gehrer (AUT) 3. Peter Martel (CAN)

Women ski: 1. Steph Bridge (GBR), 2. Camilla Ringvold (NOR), 3. Eugenia Gueorguieva (USA)

Women snowboard: 1. Linda Viktoria Olofsson (NOR), 2. Ingrid Danielsson (SWE), 3. Marit Nore (NOR)

Wakecation – Episode 3

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Episode 3: The Road Gap

In this episode, the guys do some scouting around Nitro City and find potential for a session over a road gap. They pull together some loose pallets, lash them together with tie-down straps and send Steel Lafferty over the road being pulled by Parks Bonifay on a jet ski. The morning session doesn’t produce the photos Steel wants so they spend the afternoon back at Nitro City hitting the cable park until the tide comes back up. On his second try at the road gap, Steel gets the shots he wants and the guys call it a day.

Video: Aaron Hadlow Highlights

Posted: 12th Juni 2014 by Chris Stellato in Allgemein
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Aaron Hadlow raised the bar once again in this year’s event with incredible performances in the surf and the slicks. Since Aaron wasn’t able to complete his qualifying heat in the sliders event he...

After the break up between Aaron Hadlow and Flexifoil we wondered what brand will Aaron ride for. Neither the brand nor the rider announced ot yet. We do know though that Aaron will ride North Kiteboarding kites.

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

Past winter in Cape Town, Hadlow tested some North prototypes and this week at the Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup he appeared with some “Red Bull kites” that might be the 2015 North Vegas or even a new Pro Model kite.

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

In the photos below you can check Stefan Spiessberger, NKB team rider, competing with same bar and same kite but different color schema.

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015

Aaron Hadlow - North Kiteboarding 2015


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After 10 years of competing on the PKRA Freestyle Tour and claiming the 2009 World Champion Title, there was only one thing left for Kevin Langeree to do…. win the Red Bull King of the Air!

It all came down to variety, quality over quantity, and good style mixed with elements of extremity. Put your hands in the air and scream as Kevin separates the men from the boys, rattling through the heats to eventually, walk away with the 2014 Red Bull King of the Air Title.

Red Bull Unfastened 2014

Posted: 18th Mai 2014 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Check out some action from the Red Bull Unfastened 2014.