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Posted: 3rd Juli 2012 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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Video from Maurício Pedreira during his trip to Portugal for the KSP Guincho 2012. The event did not finish due to the lack of wind but at least the had some fun kiting and surfing.


Posted: 5th Juni 2012 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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Press Play and Record, another landboarding video from Portugal.

Mein Freund und ich hatten die Gelegenheit, ein Underground Kipuna in der Grösse 6’2 sowohl in heimischen Ostsee-”Wellen” als auch in ernsthaften portugiesischen Wellen zu testen. Hier einmal grob unsere Eindrücke:

Wir haben das Board jeweils mit tendenziell kleinen Flysurfer-Kites getestet (Psycho4 in 6 und 8qm), das Board war jeweils strapless unterwegs. Die Wellen an unseren Homespots rund um Kiel haben natürlich nicht so viel Power wie anderswo – aber genau deswegen fühlt sich das Board dort zumindest für uns Leichtgewichte sehr gut an. Es gleitet schnell an und hat im Kabbelwasser eine erstaunliche Laufruhe im Vergleich gegenüber kleineren Boards. Trotzdem ist es – einen aktiven Fahrstil vorausgesetzt – auch für Leichtgewichte noch gut zu carven. Auch bei etwas wackeligeren Fusswechseln (z.B. dank Winterschuhen oder Kabbel) verzeiht das Board einiges an Fehlern.

In Portugal gab es im Gegensatz dazu ernsthafte Wellen. Dort war das Board gerade mit überpowerten Kites dann doch schon zu gross. Man konnte zwar schön die Wellen absurfen, aber dort hat auch voller Körpereinsatz manchmal nicht mehr gereicht um das Board rechtzeitig für die nächste Welle positionieren zu können. Hier wäre das kleinere Kipuna in 5’8 für uns wohl besser gewesen, schwerere Fahrer werden hier aber mit Sicherheit kein Problem haben. Was sich genauso wie an der Ostsee anfühlt ist die Laufruhe, auch bei höheren Geschwindigkeiten. Hier gab das Board immer noch Sicherheit.

Zusammengefasst: ein sehr schönes Board, trotz der Grösse auch für Leichtgewichte noch gut zu bewegen. Bei kräftigeren Wellen muss man aber zumindest als Leichtgewicht irgendwann Abstriche machen.

Danke an Mischa / für das Bereitstellen des Testboards!

The 2012 KSP riders application period, is now closed for all riders aspiring to compete on the 2012 KSP world championship tour. A total of 55 male and 18 female applications were received and the IKA will now start the selection process.

Within the IKA’s process, the PKRA and KSP will be given the right to select their two male and one female wild cards, each of which will be added to the final list of confirmed tour riders.

All applicants will be awaiting the official announcement of the IKA, which will unveil the list of riders to receive the highly coveted spots on this year’s KSP world championship tour, joining the pre-qualified top seeds.

In the mean time, top 8 male riders (Airton Cozzolino, Mitu Monteiro, Guilly Brandao, Mauricio Pedreira, Sky Solbach, Jesse Richman, Juan Pablo Diban, Patri McLaughlin) and top 4 female riders (Ines Correia, Marie Gautron, Kristin Boese and Melissa Gil) of the 2011 world ranking will be contacted by the KSP to be offered this year’s tour license. Each of these riders will have until March 15th to accept their tour license. Any pre-qualified rider not accepting their spot will open up a slot for one of the riders going through the application process.

For riders interested in applying for a local wild card, application will be open until March 15th. The list of applicants will be forwarded to the relevant national association/organization once the period has expired. To apply for a local wildcard please go to:

A full list of male riders that applied for a tour license or single event entry reads as follows:

Bastien Bollard, Ewan Hill, Austin Brosnan, Frederick Zamora, Cameron Biehl, Pedro, Henrique Menezes, Tomaz Vilardebo, Ryan Coote, Jose Djo Silva, Luis Fernando Padrino Mata, Lee Harvey, Marius Hoelter, Arild Kristiansen, Keahi De Aboitiz, Christian Winkenjohann, Jon Modica, Jon McCabe, Nuno Figueiredo, David Romeu, Luke McGillewie, Etienne Lhote, Christophe Meletiou, Christopher Armitage, Sebastian Ribeiro, Andre Nery, Manuel Adela Vicente, Colin Heckroodt, Marciel Lopes Almeida, Paulino Pereira, Joao Stopani Santos, Solo Solinski, Cruser Putnam, Gustavo Foerster, Gonzalo Gomes, Nick Ward, Jan Marcos Riveras, Arturas Shimanskij, Rui Tiago Oliveira, Mark Moore, Filippe Ferreira, Richard Gowers, Juan Ricci, Jan Korycki, Sebastian Schmitt, Gonzalo Ribba, Abel Lago, Jakob Appel, Ian Owczarzak, Keith McGeown, Toni Zupanicic, Oscar Borawski, Grant Baker, Ryan Oates, Top Hat, Diogo Paes Fernandes

A full list of female riders that have applied read as follows:

Angela Peral, Maria Celina Guardati, Jalou Langeree, Milla Ferreira, Kelly Strachan, Marina Marselli, Steph Bridge, Erika Lindberg, Kari Schibevaag, Kirsty Jones, Suzanne Kuiper, Ainhoa Garcia, Carol Bolstad, Ninja Bichler, Lilian Malschaert, Muriel Vandenbempt, Kalia Aguera, Glennel Warren.

2012 KSP World Championship Tour Schedule
June 1 to 10 — Cascais, Portugal
September 7 to 16 — Le Morne, Mauritius
October 19 to 28 — West Coast, Ireland
November 29 to December 8 — Maui, Hawaii, USA

Following a groundbreaking and highly successful inaugural season, which pushed competitive kite surfing to epic new heights, the KSP is pleased to announce its widely anticipated 2012 World Championship Kite Surfing Tour schedule.

Featuring world-class venues, the KSP Tour once again promises nothing short of the most phenomenal surf conditions for the world’s kite surfing elite to battle it out over the coveted IKA-sanctioned World Championship title. All four Kite Surf Pro events will feature a 10-day holding period and a €15,000 prize purse.

The KSP Tour will kick off at Europe’s kite surfing mecca, Guincho Beach in Cascais, Portugal, from June 1 to 10. The side-onshore wind conditions at Guincho’s right-hand beach break will surely expose the progressive new school aerial movement, bringing it to the forefront of competitive kitesurfing for the world to witness.

Stop two will take the KSP back to 2011’s kickoff location, Le Morne, Mauritius for the One Eye Pro, scheduled September 7 to 16. A long, left-hand reef break famous for its strong side-offshore winds and barreling, near-perfect, head-high to quadruple-overhead surf, One Eye will keep this year’s crowd on edge, waiting to see what conditions it dishes up — especially after last year’s jaw-dropping spectacle.

Next up, Europe’s secret kite surfing jewel and home to one of the planet’s biggest waves, Ireland. Running from October 19 to 28, Ireland’s Kite Surf Pro will incorporate a unique mobile format, capable of showcasing each day’s action at the choicest of locations on the country’s wild and swell-abundant west coast.

Bringing the KSP’s 2012 tour to a close, Maui’s legendary North Shore will host the pinnacle of the Kite Surfing World Championship Tour — the Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro — running November 29 to December 8. One of the world’s most highly regarded wind and wave locations, Ho’okipa is generally reserved as a surfing and windsurfing only venue. The Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro will mark the first-ever World Championship kite surf competition at the infamous Hawaiian reef break.

“I really don’t think we could have wished for a better and more well-rounded tour for the 2012 season,” says Tour President Kristin Boese. “It is going to be exciting to see which riders will do best in all the different conditions. We managed to meet the demand of the riders to add a side-onshore beach break to the calendar with the event in Guincho. We are just as excited about the Ireland event that is going to be a total box of chocolates with amazing potential. And Ho’okipa and One Eye are without a question two of the places that we had on our wish list from the very first talks about the tour.”

“I am also really looking forward to working with our amazing group of local organizers that have already become such a strong part of the KSP,” Boese continues. “We are all so excited to see what incredible treasures await us in 2012.”

As reigning World Champions Airton Cozzolino (Italy/North Kiteboarding) and Ines Correia (Portugal) defend their titles amidst a field of 24 men and 12 women at each Kite Surf Pro event, an International Surfing Association-accredited panel of judges will once again score the year’s next-level riding. With 20 countries represented on tour last year, 2012 will surely draw a wide range of talent from across the globe.

Featuring a live webcast with live scoring, 2012’s Kite Surf Pro events will broadcast the heat-by-heat action around the world in real time. Additionally, the new season will also bring another round of Fantasy League, with some major prizes up for grabs.

2012 KSP World Championship Tour Schedule
June 1 to 10 — Cascais, Portugal
September 7 to 16 — Le Morne, Mauritius
October 19 to 28 — West Coast, Ireland
November 29 to December 8 — Maui, Hawaii, USA


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Latest video of Jordi Cabré. Filmed between Portugal and Catalonia and it’s his first video with Best kiteboarding.

Pura vida

Posted: 30th Oktober 2011 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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A short movie from several months of living, travelling and kitesurfing around Spain and Portugal.

Music – Sweetest girl by Wyclef Jean (live from Madrid)

Rens in Alvor 2011

Posted: 2nd September 2011 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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After having lots of troubles with his knee (Rens torn his ACL twice and also got operated twice), it looks like the rehab went well this time.
Rens spent his summer in Alvor (Portugal) again and was able to slowly start with practicing his tricks again.

Edit: Jeroen Poulie
Filmed by: Mickel, Gino, Jeroen
Music: Louder – DJ Fresh ft. Sian

Infos zu Peniche & Pro Search 2010

Posted: 30th Juli 2010 by Kiten und Surfen in Allgemein
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Kommentare deaktiviert für Infos zu Peniche & Pro Search 2010

Peniche, ist die "portugiesische Hauptstadt der Wellen":
Jeder Surfer, vom Anfänger bis zum Pro, kann in der Region Peniche fast jeden Tag des Jahres eine passende Welle finden .

Peniche gilt als einer der besten Surf-Regionen in Europas.
Die Halbinsel hat eine Nord-und Südküste, die sehr nahe zueinander liegen. Die Region verfügt über eine beeindruckende Brandungshöhe und bricht sich innerhalb sehr kurzen Entfernung.

Die langen und sandigen Strände bieten hervorragende Bedingungen für Anfänger zum schnellen lernen. Erfahrene Surfer finden perfekte Bedingungen vor, um ihre Fähigkeiten zu verbessern. Peniche hat ausserdem einen Weltklasse Surf-Break: "Supertubos", die auch als European Pipeline bekannt ist. Daneben gibt es viele andere Breaks, wo Ihr eure Grenzen austesten könnt.

2009 fand in Peniche die Weltmeisterschaft im Surfen, dem "Rip Curl Pro Search" statt.
Die Organisatoren und Surfer waren begeistert und es wurde beschlossen, dass Peniche die Bühne der EuroSurferwelt für die kommenden drei Jahre sein wird. Die weltbesten Surfer werden also bald wieder um den Titel konkurrieren: vom 7. bis 18. Oktober 2010.

More Infos zum Pro Search 2010 in Peniche:,0,0,1,0,0