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Watch Manera’s short clip presenting the new 2019 Spring Summer collection.

The Eclipse Harness

Posted: 13th November 2018 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Here is the Eclipse! This video shows the research & development behind Manera’s new harness. Check it out!

“Islands Of The Strangers” is a movie shot in the Isles of Lewis and Harris, that documents the MANERA team’s amazing adventure in the Outer Hebrides. Watch them exploring this outstanding Scottish island!

Starring: Pauline VALESA, Liam WHALEY, Paul SERIN, Maxime CHABLOZ, Set TEXEIRA, Camille DELANNOY, Mallory DE LA VILLEMARQUE.

Video: Petole Prod / Olivier SAUTET
Photo: Robin CHRISTOL / Matt GEORGES

Music in order of appearance:
Ben Caplan – Down to the river
Rostam Batmanglig – Doc’s song (cover)

Watch Episode 13 of ‘Stay Salty’ series and get to know more about David Tonijuan!

A short clip about Antoine Auriol. Watch Episode 12 of ‘Stay Salty’ series!

Check out this little clip about Nicolas Delmas! See how he scores on the flat waters of Brazil and Morocco.

Check out Episode 10 of “Stay Salty” series. It’s about Charlotte Consorti!

Episode 8 of ‘Stay Salty’ series is about Mallory de la Villemarqué. Check it out!

Mallory started his career in 2003, and he has done it all: The freestyle tour, the judging, the coaching, the shootings…
He might be one of the most versatile rider in the world, but more important: He kept the exact same stoke for 15 years.

When the wind picks up Mallo still smiles like a kid going out in the water for the first time.
See for yourself.

Olivier Sautet / Petole Prod
Maxi Gomez

Editing: Manera

The Episode 6 of Stay Salty series is about young gun Camille Delannoy. Take a look!

Filming: Olivier Sautet / Petole Prod
Editing: Manera

This new episode of Stay Salty series is about Paul Serin. In this short clip, Paul talks about his recent injury, road to recovery and how his love for kiteboarding nourished his comeback.

Filming: Olivier Sautet / Petole Prod
Editing: Manera