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Watch how to learn “One Foot” in 5 steps with Benjamin Beholz.

In his new episode, Jake Kelsick talks about a trick that will change the way you ride, the 360 handle pass. Check it out!

Take a sneak peek at Liam Whaley and Posito Martinez’s stylish tricks during the Jeep Tarifa Pro 2018!

In this video, Benjamin Beholz explains how to add grabs to every trick. Check it out!

In this video of his “How To” series, Ewan Jaspan shows us how to tack on a hydrofoil. Watch and learn!

In this episode of his kite tips series, Benjamin Beholz shows us how the kite position is the key to land tricks safely. Take a look!

Ewan Jaspan shows us how to gybe on a hydrofoil. Let’s take a look!

Benjamin Beholz trying to pull high and powerful back mobes at a perfect flat water spot close to Hyeres, in south of France. Check out how it went!

Felipe Moure López has been fighting for the World Record, since July 2015, to become the oldest man in the world able to do a Blind Judge 5. Has his adventure finished this time? Watch and enjoy the episode 4 of his kiteboarding challenge!

Felipe Moure López finally shows the first seconds of the fourth episode of his “Blind Judge 5 Challenge”! And also a little summary of his challenge story, that started in Egypt and Brazil. Is this “the end or not the end”? Stay tuned, if you want to know!