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34 riders registered for the GKA Gran Canaria 2019 at Playa de Vargas. The first World Tour event on the island is officially opened. Check here the report.

GKA Report:

Wednesday 12th June 2019
Words: Matt Pearce / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova

34 riders, 25 men and nine women, arrived at Playa de Vargas today to register for the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria and to get a feel for the spot in pumping 25 knot + winds.

Although Gran Canaria has already rightfully earned its place in windsurfing lore over the years due to the many events that have been held at the legendary Pozo, which is just a couple of kilometres from here, there’s never been a World Tour kiteboarding event on the island before now.

That’s all about to change this week though, with a dependable looking forecast and the overall tour leads up for grabs at what’s still an early stage in the competitive calendar.

The main event will run across the next four days from Thursday until Sunday and the judging criteria will be split between wakestyle / freestyle and big air depending on the conditions. This ‘open format’ gives the riders the chance to ride to the day’s conditions, and so it looks like tomorrow’s opening heats will be freestyle-focused with 20 knot winds on the forecast.

If the famous Canarian ‘Alisios’ trades fire in full force though, we could well be looking at a big air blow out later in the week!

Carlos Mario currently leads the men’s division, but Maxime Chabloz will be hot on his heels after narrowly losing out to the Brazilian in the finals at the first event of the year in Leucate back in April.

Liam Whaley is also here, fresh off the back of a storming performance and a fourth place finish at the Red Bull Megaloop last weekend in the Netherlands. He was already looking very tuned into the conditions and was firing on all cylinders during today’s warm-up session.

In the women’s division, the top spot is wide open at this event due to current tour leader Francesca Bagnoli’s absence and Mika Sol, Bruna Kajiya and Hannah Whitely are just some of the riders who’ll be vying for their chance to climb higher up the overall rankings here in Gran Canaria.

With the opening ceremony complete and the event now officially underway, the action will begin tomorrow morning with a first possible start at 10:00.

It’s a big week coming up! Be sure to stay locked into GKA channels on social media and look out for daily video updates once the heats start rolling.


The final 9 kiteboarders to make up the 18-man Red Bull King of the Air 2019 have been announced. The 2019 event takes place on the windiest day between the 26th of January and 10th of February 2019.

Check media release below and find out who will be in Cape Town!


Video entries are now closed for the most prolific big-air Kiteboarding contest in the world. After much deliberation the last nine participants have been chosen and they now secure their place for the final showdown with the hope of taking the title of Red Bull King of the Air 2019 Champion.

Confirmed for the 2019 event are Kevin Langeree, Liam Whaley and Lewis Crathern along with past champions Jesse Richman, Aaron Hadlow and 2017’s winner Nick Jacobsen who missed out on a chance to defend his title due to injury.

Amongst some of the familiar faces like Ruben Lenten, Jerrie Van De Kop and South Africans Josh Emanuel and Ross Dillon Player in the mix, there are also a couple of new names to join the field. GKA Kiteboarding ‘Air Games’ World Champion, Carlos Mario will make his debut at the event.

“I wanted to compete in the event but I was nervous about it. I had a fear and I didn’t like doing freestyle in stronger winds. But after this GKA Air Games season and competing in stronger winds and doing big kite loops, I feel much more ready to compete in Red Bull King of the Air,” says the Brazilian. Mario is joined by Posito Martinez fellow first-timer of the Dominican Republic.

The renowned kiteboarding competition will return to Kite Beach, Cape Town – arguably the Cape’s Mecca for Kitesurfing – for the second time early next year and will have a window period of two weeks in late January and early February 2019 with the competition being run on the windiest day.

Fans are encouraged to keep an eye on the Red Bull King of the Air 2019 website to stay up to date on the final competition days and get ready for the action – Save the date and get ready for some of the most epic airs!

The 18 confirmed participants, in alphabetical order are:
Aaron Hadlow (UK) (2015, 2016 winner)
Aurelien Petreau (France)
Carlos Mario (Brazil)
Gijs Wassenaar (Netherlands)
Jerrie Van De Kop (Netherlands)
Jesse Richman (USA) (2013 winner)
Joshua Emanuel (South Africa)
Kevin Langeree (Netherlands) (2014, 2018 winner)
Lasse Walker (Netherlands)
Lewis Crathern (UK)
Liam Whaley (Spain)
Marc Jacobs (New Zealand)
Nick Jacobsen (Denmark) (2017 winner)
Posito Martinez (Dominican Republic)
Ross Dillon Player (South Africa)
Ruben Lenten (Netherlands)
Sam Light (UK)
Steven Akkersdijk (Netherlands)

Source: RedBull

The finals for both the Men and Women were held today at Dakhla Spirit, with perfect conditions for the last day of Competition in Morocco.

Women’s Final

The level of riding from all 4 female finalists was incredible throughout this heat, showing how female freestyle is evolving rapidly throughout each event. Paula Novotna had a storming start to the final, opening with a powered Backside 313. She followed it up with an impressive Heart Attack scoring 8.43 points. The Czech rider was clearly on good form today for this final, and had her eye on a podium spot from the start. She had a good lead for the start of the heat until Mikaili Sol Landed a massive 8.67 Back Mobe and shot up to the first position. Therese Taabbel landed an incredible Slim Chance scoring 7.87 points for her 5th attempt. Francesca Bagnoli from Italy worked her way through her attempts gradually, and ended her heat with an outstanding Hinterberger Mobe scoring her 9.33 and placing her in 2nd position, just 0.01 points behind Mikaili Sol!

The Women’s Final results were:

1st Mikaili Sol – Brazil
2nd Francesca Bagnoli – Italy
3rd Paula Novotna – Czech Republic
4th Therese Taabbell – Denmark

Men’s Final

What an exceptional men’s final we witnessed in Dakhla today! All four athletes were going massive and truly taking advantage of the Dakhla freestyle conditions. Adeuri Corniel from the Dominican Republic was on fire from the get go. Each trick he performed with even more height and power, his Slim 7 scoring him 9.3 points. Current World Champion Carlos Mario put on an exceptional performance as always, landing a perfect 10 for his Heart Attack 7 on his third trick attempt. Set Teixeira from Brazil landed some clean tricks with amazing execution such as his Heart Attack 5 and his 317. It was a tough heat for young talent Maxime Chabloz, who couldn’t quite ride the heat he wanted today, and he had to settle with a Backside 315 as his top score. It was once again an epic final that saw all athletes performing at their highest level.

The Men’s Final Results:

1st – Carlos Mario – Brazil
2nd – Adeuri Corniel – Dominican Republic
3rd – Set Teixeira – Brazil

The finals for both the Men and Women were live broadcast on Bein sports, as well as live on facebook and youtube with Extreme and World Sailing.

The prize giving ceremony was held in the afternoon in Dakhla city, with the presence of all athletes, crew and government officials.

WKC Dakhla was a hugely successful event, and the WKC would like to thank Dakhla Spirit and Soufiane Hamaini for hosting this event, as well as all the other sponsors and partners.

The third stop of the WKC is coming up on the 19th of November at Duro Beach, Cumbuco, Brazil. See you there!


The penultimate day of the Elite Championship in Dakhla was blessed once again with ideal freestyle wind conditions. The competition commenced at 1pm, completing the Women’s Semi-finals and the Men’s Small Final.

Women’s Semi – Finals

Heat 7

Heat 7 was first in sequence. 14 year old Mikaili Sol from Brazil put on a strong performance that once again served to enhance her reputation as a top freestyle kiteboarder. With a very solid array of tricks, she received many high scores including a 9.4 KGB and a 9.73 Double Heart Attack. Francesca Bagnoli kept up a steady rhythm behind her, landing a powered Heart Attack scoring 8.6 points. She advances to tomorrow’s finals together with Sol.

Heat 8

Therese Taabbel performed solidly for Heat 8, as the landed a Slim Chance scoring 8.33. Although she crashed her last two attempts, she had accumulated a good lead and advanced into the final. Paula Novotna from the Czech republic joins her after also riding a consistent heat and gaining some high scores.

Men’s Small Final

Gianmaria Coccoluto from Italy was once again on fine form today, as he successfully landed trick after trick, including a powerful 317. Val Garat managed 4 solid tricks, and despite crashing several attempts, he landed a Slim 7 on his last trick to seal the deal. He finished the heat in second position. Arthur Guillebert followed a fraction of a point behind him, and Anthar Racca in 4th, after also riding well throughout the event.

Tomorrow the event comes to a close with both the Men’s and Women’s finals programmed for 3pm local time. Tune in to the live stream, or the live TV Broadcast on Bein sports.


The newest episode of Kevin Langeree’s vlog is about the King of the Air, the most prestigious big air kiteboarding event which he won earlier this year. Recap the highlights of the 2018 edition and enjoy the episode!

The top freestyle kiteboarders have all arrived in Dakhla for the start of what is set to be an incredible week of action. The wind took longer to kick in today, and the Round 1 for the Men commenced at 3pm. The full round was concluded by 6pm.

Heat 1 –

The first heat of the day was a close one for all three riders, Valentin Garat from France, Valentin Rodriguez from Colombia and Louka Pitot from France/Mauritius. Rodriguez was keen to once again make a name for himself at this event, and managed to pull out some impressive riding from the very start, including a massive Heart Attack 5 scoring 9.03. He just managed to place himself above Garat, meaning he passes directly to Round 3. Garat rode a good heat, despite two crashed trick attempts, and finished in second position followed by Louka Pitot who started the heat well with a Front Blind Mobe and well executed Backside 315, but failed on his last two attempts. Both Garat and Pitot will have another chance in Round 2.

Heat 2 –

Former World Champion Alex Pastor came up against the winnner from yesterday’s Qualifier Championship, Gianmaria Coccoluto, and Lituanian newcomer Domantas Jusionis. Coccoluto continued on yesterday’s strong performance, and cleared an impressive heat with well scored tricks, including a Backside 317 and Heart Attack 5. Alex Pastor started off strong with his KGB5 followed by his Backside 315, and finished the heat with well executed Slim7 scoring 8.2, but it wasn’t enough to advance in 1st place, as he struggled with his knee injury. Coccoluto advances directly to Round 3 after riding an outstanding heat, whilst Pastor and Jusionis will pass to Round 2.

Heat 3 –

Jerome Cloetens from France/Belgium has been riding impressively well throughout the event, and today was no exception. His trick list included a Double Heart Attack and Backside 315, but he unfortunately crashed two trick attempts which cost him points. Former World Champion Youri Zoon from the Netherlands struggled to catch up to him, but made up for it towards the end of the heat with clean Slim7 scoring 8.77 which boosted him up into 1st position, allowing him to pass directly to Round 3. Cloetens and Joselito del Rosario will get a second chance in Round 2.

Heat 4 –

Set Teixeira from Brazil had a great start to the event, landing his tricks very consistently and with good scores. He managed to gain a large lead above his other competitors, guaranteeing him the spot in Round 3. Paul Serin rode hard to try and catch up to him, and young competitor Edgar Ulrich also from France was not far behind. Both Ulrich and Serin will have a second chance in Round 2.

Heat 5 –

Adeuri Corniel has just arrived to Dakhla fresh off winning an Olympic Gold Medal in Buenos Aires. He proved that he is a versatile rider and performed some impressive tricks during his heat, such his opening Backside 317 or his KGB5. French athlete Julien Krikken pushed hard to keep up with him, landing a good Double Heart Attack. Young rider Romain Giuliano is new to the Elite Championship, and had some tough competition to deal with for his first heat. Adeuri passed directly to Round 3, and Giuliano and Krikken get another attempt in Round 2.

Heat 6 –

Kalu de Sousa is another talented brazilian rider, and his performance did not disappoint for Heat 6. He lead the way through most of the heat, and landed a solid Backside 317, scoring 8.2 points. Austrian rider Stefan Spiessberger started the heat well, but two crashed attempts meant that he could not catch up to Kalu. Rens van der Schoot from the Netherlands also had a hard time, landing 3 tricks but crashing his other attempts. Kalu passes directly to Round 3, Spiessberger and Van der Schoot get another attempt in Round 2.

Heat 7 –

Heat 7 was another heat full of young talent. Maxime Chabloz from Switzerland and Arthur Guillebert from France were neck and neck throughout the heat, but Arthur Guillebert managed to gain the lead landing an impressive Backside 317and Heart Attack 5. He finished the heat in first place and advances directly to Round 3, a great performance from the 21 year old frenchman. Maxime Chabloz and Lucas Ferreira pass to Round 2.

Heat 8 –

The final heat of the day saw an impressive performance from local wildcard Jonas Ouahmid who opened with a solid Double Heart Attack, and nice Backside 315. Anthar Racca from Mexico pushed hard after a slow start and stomped a great Slim7 scoring him 7.3 points. Current World Champion Carlos Mario of course did not disappoint, and landed 6 high scoring tricks including his Backside 317, Heart Attack 5, and KGB5. He cleared himself the way directly to Round 3, as Racca and Ouahmid had to settle for Round 2.

The day concluded after the completion of Round 1. The competition continues tomorrow with the Skipper’s meeting called for 10.30am and the first possible start at 11.30am.


The Red Bull King of the Air 2019 will return to Kite Beach in Cape Town and will have a window period of two weeks, between the 26th January and 10th February 2019.

Video entries are now open for the most badass, big-air Kiteboarding contest in the world before 30th November. 2019 will see the top nine from last year, go up against nine riders chosen from the video entries contest and wildcards.

Riders will have to master the elements in an attempt to rule the skies – leaving a wake in the atmosphere with the ultimate goal of being crowned King of the Air 2019. Enter your video here to be considered for a spot at Red Bull King of the Air 2019.

This November from 3rd to 10th, the World Kiteboarding Championships will be landing in Dakhla, Morocco. Check out the teaser of the second stop of the WKC season!

Kevin Langeree was back in Ireland for the Battle for the Lake event, held on Achill Island. Watch and enjoy his fun video of the 2018 edition!

Tom Court was in Turkey following the World Kiteboarding Championship event held in Akyaka. Check out his video about this freestyle tour.