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In this short clip, the shaper and rider Sky Solbach gives us some thoughts on what goes into designing surf line shapes. Have a look!


Check out the new 2017 Team Series freestyle board presented by Stefan Spiessberger.


Colleen Carrol presents the new 2017 Soleil board, a female specific all rounder for freestyle. Check out the features of the new model!

Tom Court presents us the Gambler 2017! From slicks to sliders, kickers and lagoons, check out the new Gambler product clip.


Discover the new Octo, the all round performance board focused on surfing.

Adventure. Challenge. The simple joy of riding the wind. The best kiteboard riders each have their own reasons for pursuing their sport to its uttermost limits, but they’re united in revealing its breathtaking beauty to the world. Watch it for free for 24 hours on Red Bull TV or check it out on Itunes or vimeo on demand. Check the links below. Enjoy!

Stop what you’re doing and take a break! Watch the the biggest kitesurfing movie in history for free for 24 hours on Red Bull TV or check it out on Itunes or vimeo on demand.

Here is the Naish’s Hover Foiling line-up for 2017. Take a look!

Check out the new F-One Foil range, developed to make you fly above the water whatever your discipline.

2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S featured in The Kite Mag

Check out the brand new CORE Choice 2, the all-in-one freestyler board.

Featuring: Sofia Moraes, Steven Akkersdijk, Willow-River Tonkin, Philipp Zach
Spot: South Africa

Video produced by:
Sebastian Dörr
chriscontrol Video & Music Productions

Dirt on my Shoes by Score Squad