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Let’s go back to January to watch some sick action in Cape Town!

Starring: Josh Emanuel, Nick Jacobsen, Graham Howes, Lasse Walker, Kevin Langeree, Steven Akkerstijk and Tom Court.

Edited by: Dylan Osborne

Filmed: SoCoMunity // Dirty Habits // Fran Van Sky // Marcos Sobreiro // Ryan Osmond // Jason Colborne

Kiting a Maze – Nick Jacobsen & Graham Howes

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“Kiting a Maze” at a secret spot, starring Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes.

Watch the boys showing how to have fun in Cape Town!

Watch Graham Howes’ entry for the 2020 edition of the King of The Air.

Video: Fran Vansky
Edit: Marcos Sobreiro

Graham Howes joins North Kiteboarding as International Team Rider.

Read bellow North press release:

North Kiteboarding is extremely proud to welcome Graham Howes as their newest international Team Rider.

A talented entrepreneur and fearless big air kiter, Graham is known for his relentless riding style which has led close friend and North Team Manager Nick Jacobsen to question his sanity at times. Graham is also the brainchild behind the infamous movement, Dirty Habits. He’s passionate about bringing extreme sports athletes who travel the world together, as well as taking extreme sports and day-to-day activities to the next level.

Mike Raper, Director of Brand says: “Graham is an extremely innovative and talented rider. He’s really committed to pushing the sport to its limits and we couldn’t be prouder to have him joining the international team.”

Graham’s first taste of kiteboarding came during a trip to Dubai, he was about to embark on an architectural degree at the time. This event changed the trajectory of his life and Graham spent the next five years travelling the world, finessing his skills and passing on his love for the sport through teaching others to kite, before he returned to South Africa.

Graham says “I feel very honored to be a part of North and such a strong and experienced team. From the moment I heard about the formation of this team and the individuals involved, I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and knew I would fit right in.”


A must watch for today: Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes in Weskus, South Africa!

Snapping ankles, fireworks and night kiting up the Weskus with Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes.

Last year a week before the King of the Air, Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes packed the car and headed up the West Coast to find and ride new spots, and try pull off a night photoshoot with Ydwer with 36 Lume Cube’s. It was all going so well until Nick snapped his ankle 3 hours from the nearest hospital.

Video: Sem Lingerak & Stan de Wit

Get a glimpse into Graham Howes’ video entry for the King of The Air 2019!

A kiteboarding movie documenting a crazy aventure in the Faroe Islands, starring Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes! Watch the boys exploring this remote place searching for wind.

Directed and Produced by:
Craig Howes

Dean Cothill
Jop Hemskerk
Craig Howes
Shawn Ogulu

The boys are crazy on the fourth episode of Dirty Habits​ webseries! Fun wakeboard sessions, partys and much more. Watch and enjoy Episode 4!

Riders: Nick Jacobsen​, Liam Whaley, Dylan James Mitchell​, Craig Eygenberger​, Jason Colborne​, Candice Bacon​, Sean Bacon, ​Carl Ferreira, ​Joshua Emanuel​, Jason Baker​, Darryl Partington​, Graham Howes​.

Video: Jop Heemskerk​
Photo: Brendan Pieterse​

Summer has started in Cape Town for Nick Jacobsen, Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree, Lasse Walker, Joshua Emanuel and Graham Howes! Watch the boys ripping at the 1st session of the summer in South Africa.

Video: Stan de Wit, Sem Lingerak

“Cape Town Confidential” is finally out! The film follows the journey of five professional kitesurfers in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Starring: Nick Jacobsen, James Boulding, Keahi de Aboitiz, Liam Whaley and Graham Howes.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this epic adventure in South Africa!

A Showmeyourmouth production
Filming: Anders Krüger & James Boulding
Edit: Anders Krüger