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The GKA Freestyle World Cup is heading to Gran Canaria. From 12-16 June 2019, all the action will be at Playa de Vargas. Watch the teaser and stay tuned!

MaxWorld Episode 2 is out! The new episode of Maxime Chabloz’s series follows the behind the scenes of the first stop of the 2019 GKA Freestyle World Cup held in Leucate. The Swiss rider ended up on the 2nd place, behind Carlos Mario. Watch and enjoy Episode 2!

Edit by Maxime Chabloz
Video by Family Ingrosso,, case productions and Maxime Chabloz

Special Guests: Fabio Ingrosso,Mikaili Sol, Valentin Rodrigues, Gianmaria Coccoluto, Liam Waley, Aron Rosslee, Paul Serin Stein and Pippa, Natalie Lambrecht, Louka Pitot, Val Garat, Claudia Leon, Francesca Bagnoli and all other GKA Freestyle Riders

If you missed MaxWorld Episode 1 watch it here!

Check out the highlights of the final day of the GKA Freestyle World Cup in Leucate, France.

GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate comes to an end on Day Six of the event window. Carlos Mario and Francesca Bagnoli are the big winners in Leucate. Check the summary report bellow!

GKA Report
Report: Jim Gaunt / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova


What a result from the first Freestyle event of the season! A big surprise having moved from La Franqui yesterday to the kickers and open beach at Port Leucate. Big winds, big performance and perhaps a big surprise with Francesca Bagnoli from Italy taking her first win, while champion Mikaili Sol only managed to rescue second place with her last trick in the women’s. And it WAS a rescue. The Brazilian is beatable – something we doubted and tees up the rest of the season beautifully!

In the men’s, Carlos Mario showed the mark of a champion and also staged his own comeback, stopping Maxime Chabloz from claiming his first event win, but all bets are on the Swiss rider breaking his top-step duck this season. A valiant Valentin Rodriguez, just 16 from Colombia, took third. In many ways, he was the big news of this event on the men’s side.

Leucate was scheduled to be a pure freestyle event in this mixed event series. 30+ knot conditions saw some riders voluntarily throwing big kite loops… so out mouths are watered for more big aerial antics when we get to round two in Gran Canaria in June, which is scheduled to be run in a mixed freestyle / big air format. Bring it on!


Check out the highlights from Day 5 in Leucate. On a long day of action, the competition progressed all the way to the men’s semi’s and women’s finals.

Unfortunately there was no competition on Day Four of the GKA Leucate, but the forecast for the next two days looks good.

Read the report:

GKA Leucate – Wind Coming Round On the Lagoon

We were so close to starting you can feel it. There was potential for contestable conditions all day and as yet we’re still looking at about ten knots of wind out on the lagoon here in Leucate, though at times it was gusting a bit more. Some riders got excited enough to pump up and try a few runs.

In any case, if conditions improve enough to be able to make a start today or not, the livestream and some of the race crew are busy moving to prepare at another spot, Port Leucate. The event will definitely run from there tomorrow and Thursday in the stronger southerly conditions that get blocked by the headland here in La Franqui, Leucate. There is still hope for the remaining few hours today, though…

Good morning everyone on Tuesday 24th.

This is day four of six in the GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate event window and we have entered the more serious wind forecast period. Heavy rain overnight fell as predicted and continued through dawn in the early morning. Combined with the surging waves pushing over the sandbank, we have a superb lagoon for potentially brilliant freestyle conditions.

The skipper’s meeting was scheduled for 7am as there was potential for the southeast wind to be in already – however, the reality was a very light wind from the northwest (Tramontane) direction. The wind has since switched to the forecast southerly, though remains light.


The forecast for the next two days looks good, however, as we are now over halfway through the event period Head Judge Mallory de la Villemarque has announced a reduced heat format to ensure that when the action begins it will be possible to reach a result as efficiently as possible. Here are the details:


The standard format for the 2019 GKA Freestyle World Cup events is that there are (usually) four riders in a heat who take it in turns to do one trick. Each rider is allowed seven trick attempts in their heat and their four highest scoring tricks from four different trick families count towards their score.

A big screen on the shoreline shows the score for each trick and then shows what the next rider needs to take the lead / win.

Each rider will have one minute to do their trick, with a countdown timer showing on the big screen. Read more about the 2019 Freestyle events and heat formats here.


– The heat ladder will become a single elimination, rather than a dingle. There will still be four riders in the first heats; the lowest two will go straight out of the competition. The top two from each heat will progress.

– Riders will take it in turns to do their tricks, but they will only get six attempts instead of seven, with their four best tricks counting.

– As the wind direction is changing for Wednesday and Thursday and looking strong for those days. In anticipation of that the livestream crew have had to set up at a new location to be able to broadcast on those days, so although there will be no livestream today, there will be a superb highlight video if action commences!

Men’s New Ladder

Women’s New Ladder


The Mondial du Vent in Leucate runs from 20 – 25th April, with 33 men and 14 women registered for the first event in the ‘Freestyle’ discipline series of the GKA Kite World Tour. Unfortunately there was no wind on day one.

Check here the video of Day One!

The new episode of “Sessions with Moona” was shot in Cape Verde, during her stay there for the GKA Kitesurfing World Tour stop at Ponta Preta. Watch and enjoy some of Moona Whyte’s epic sessions in the Atlantic ocean.

The GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate is coming soon! Round One of the new GKA Freestyle World Tour will take place from 20-25th April in Leucate. Find out all about it here.

Press Release:

20 – 25TH APRIL

The Mondial du Vent is a prestigious wind event that has run for over 20 consecutive years on the southeast French coast. A longstanding home of elite windsport events, the 2019 festival will stage round one of the newly amalgamated GKA Freestyle World Tour which kicks-off its new campaign, with the GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate!


The GKA Freestyle World Tour was formed after the amalgamation at the end of 2018 between the GKA Kiteboarding ‘Air Games’ World Tour and the World Kiteboarding Championships. The newly unified GKA Freestyle World Tour will see a blend of formats according to the spot and the event over the coming years, as we search to find the most complete freestyle rider.

The GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate will be judged on 100% freestyle (technical unhooked tricks, not hooked-in big air).

The competition format for this first freestyle event of the year will be a dingle elimination, with a male ladder of 40 participants and a female ladder of 16. The top 24 men and top 12 women from last season are automatically qualified, and the remaining spots will be allocated to other freestyle riders who have requested a wildcard.

We will see the same competition format as last year on the WKC, which means four man heats, seven trick attempts, and the top four trick scores counting.

There will be live-scoring on the beach, and of course all of the live-scoring and livestream will be available to watch during each day of the event. The finals in Leucate will also be live broadcast on TV together with Bein TV globally, and with Trek TV for France and French speaking territories.

Carlos Mario ended up winning the 2018 GKA Kiteboarding ‘Air Games’ World Tour, but the first event of last year in Leucate sadly somehow delivered zero wind for the event period (the first time in 20 years that’s happened!)

In 2017 it was Liam Whaley who took the win at the last 100% freestyle event in Leucate, knocking out Carlos Mario (the current and 3 x Freestyle World Champion) in the finals. Will he manage to do the same this year? Carlos Mario from Brazil has a pretty perfect track record right now after winning every pure freestyle event last season (and as we’ve mentioned, also claimed the GKA Kiteboarding ‘Air Games’ World Championship, too).

There will be some big names joining the line-up, including Set Texeira from Brazil, Adeuri Corniel from the Dominican Republic, while Maxime Chabloz and Valentin Rodriguez will determined to make their mark this season!

On the women’s side of the action, current Freestyle and Air Games World Champion, 14 year old Mikaili Sol, has been training extremely hard for this first event of the season, but she will have some tough competition from her rivals Paula Novotna from Czech Republic, Rita Arnaus from Spain and Pippa van Iersel from The Netherlands.


Watch and enjoy “Slice of Cabo Verde”, packed with amazing moments captured on the first stop of GKA 2019 season held at Punta Preta, on the island of Sal.

Video by Mintautas Grigas
Thumbnail shot by: Ydwer van der Heide