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Liquid Force announced the end of its kiteboarding division. The company, founded by Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmone in 1995, will now focus its resources in wakeboarding and foiling.

Note from John Archer, CEO of Kent Water Sports and Don Wallace, vice president at Liquid Force:

“We regret to inform you that we have decided to wind down our Liquid Force Kite division over the next 30+/- days. Rest assured this decision was not taken lightly and we want to thank all Liquid Force associates who have worked diligently throughout the uncertainty over the last few months of Covid-19 and economic crisis as well as the many years of dedication.

To clarify, the Liquid Force brand will remain strong and vital in the water sports industry. Additionally, if you have not heard, Liquid Force recently acquired Freedom Foil Boards, a surf / foil brand based out of southern California. Together with Liquid Force Wake, we plan to take the focus we had on kite products and place new focus and Relentless Innovation onto foils for all water sports. This will be managed out of our Carlsbad, California office.

Our Hood River office will be closing effective 3/30/20, after which time customer service and warranty inquiries will be managed out of the Carlsbad office. While we do not plan to order any new inventory, we will do our best to handle all warranty claims, repairs, etc. over a reasonable period of time.”

Kevin Langeree // Goodbye Naish

Posted: 14th Januar 2020 by Paula Pintão in Naish
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Kevin Langeree announced he’s leaving Naish after 20 years of support. He says that it’s time for a new chapter in his life. Check out the video!

Can Kitesurfing Become A Spectator Sport?

Posted: 24th September 2019 by Fred in Allgemein
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Kitesurfing remains foreign to a lot of people. But it’s also an action sport that’s particularly easy to fall in love with. There’s a relaxed vibe to it despite the degree of difficulty, and people inevitably look cool gliding along the surface of the water by the pull of a massive kite. Plus, the good ones can essentially fly – at least more than most any other action sport allows a human being to do. And if that weren’t enough, it also must be noted that the destinations associated with the sport are breathtaking. True kitesurfing enthusiasts travel to places like Brazil, Cape Town, Hawaii, and the Seychelles in search of great conditions and like-minded adventure seekers.

All of the above speaks to why this sport is so easy to love. But the question we’re asking here is whether or not it could become a real sport. There are competitions already, naturally, but could kitesurfing reach a point at which it’s driving interest among spectators? No one’s suggesting there will one day be an NFL of kitesurfing, but let’s examine the smaller-scale potential.

For one thing, the events are already in place. As mentioned, there are competitions, including various invitationals, world tour events, and the World Championships Formula Kite, which carries a $57,000 prize for the winner – who is dubbed the best kitesurfer in the world. It’s likely that there are actually more events like these than most of us are even aware of, which essentially means that there’s an existing infrastructure of sorts for a more organized sports structure.

For another, we’d also point out that betting industries – which can play a role in furthering a more fringe sport’s popularity (see: horse racing) – are on the rise. Around the world, the companies involved in this practice are modernizing quickly, with streamlined websites and top-notch apps, making listings more available and platforms easier to navigate. At the same time, online gambling in America is beginning to take off, with states legalizing practices one by one. All of this is going to lead to more and more betting options, which means in theory the door could open for some more obscure sports. People given the chance to bet on something like a kitesurfing contest may just take an interest in doing so.

On a similar note streaming, too, is on the rise on the sporting front. In some cases this is due to expansion from massive sports and entertainment providers. For instance, ESPN launched its ESPN+ service in the fall of 2018, and it’s already become a major leader in sports streaming. There’s also YouTube TV, which is not exclusively about sports but which does give users access to a lot of events they may otherwise not see. Beyond these headline services though, there are also specific leagues, teams, and organizations putting forth their own capable streaming services. Either way – through a bigger service or a new, kite-specific option – the growth in this space could make kitesurfing widely available to spectators for the first time.

Again, the suggestion here is not that kitesurfing is en route to NFL status, or even that modest spectator attention will be achieved. Considering all of this though, one can at least imagine the evolution that could occur.

Marc Jacobs joins North international team of riders. Check the video!

Triple Freestyle World Champion, Bruna Kajiya joins North international team.

Here is North Press:

North welcomes Bruna Kajiya!

North Kiteboarding is thrilled to announce that Triple Freestyle World Champion, Bruna Kajiya has joined our world-class team of international athletes.

The first female to land a Backside 315, Bruna is one of the most recognisable faces in kiteboarding with her powerful and progressive riding style.

Brazilian born and bred, Bruna’s love for the ocean started through surfing, where she picked up the nickname ‘Little Fish’. From the moment she tried kiteboarding, Bruna has been working her way to the top. With numerous feats including 5 x Brazilian Champion, 2x Triple S Winner and 3 x Vice World Champion, it’s safe to say that Bruna is one of the best female riders out there.

Mike Raper, Brand Director at North says “Bruna has such a powerful vision for women that pushes riding styles to the limit. We are stoked for her to join our team and very excited to see where her drive and passion will take her next.”

When it comes to training, Bruna’s self-motivation and discipline is relentless. With regular training sessions at the Red Bull headquarters in LA, she’s a force to be reckoned with. A true icon for female riders, Bruna is dedicated to empowering women to get involved in the sport.

Bruna believes that kiteboarding is a means to express her true self. Her dedication to training, the way she moves, and even her bubbly personality, can all be seen when she is out on the water. We can’t wait to support Bruna in taking her riding to the next level.


Jalou Langeree joins North international team. Here is the clip!

Annabel van Westerop is joining North Kiteboarding international team.

Jesse Richman announced he’s leaving Naish team and joining North Kiteboarding.

Read bellow North press release.

North welcomes Jesse Richman to the International Team

North is proud to announce that Jesse Richman is joining North Kiteboarding’s growing team of international riders.

Jesse is one of the best-known and well-rounded figures in kiteboarding. His feats include back to back World Championship wins on the Kiteboard Pro World Tour in 2008 and 2009, winner of King of the Air in 2013 and runner up in 2016, and famously being the first kitesurfer to get barrelled at Jaws.

Mike Raper, Director of Brand at North says ‘it’s truly an honour to have Jesse join North. He’s not only an incredibly talented rider, but also a fantastic individual whose values completely align with the direction we’re heading at North. I’ve personally known Jesse since he was a wee grom at Ka’a Point (aka Kite beach), it’s been great to watch him grow into the inspiration that he now is. We’re very excited to have him on this journey with us.”

Jesse will be joining close friend and North Team Manager, Nick Jacobsen on the international team. This is something the two athletes have been working towards for over twelve years. He is a fantastic addition to the strong and growing team of North riders, each who are committed to making kiteboarding a more visible and accessible sport.

Jesse says, “My wild journey with a kite has led me to this moment; a transformative time in the sport where anything can happen. The industry is filled with amazing riders, great companies and a worldwide community of inspiring kiteboarding enthusiasts. I want to push the limits of the sport and blow through any perceived boundaries that we have. It’s kismet and it’s exhilarating to be a part of a team with which I am so well-aligned on this mission. North is on a trajectory like no other brand has been on before, the team is a star-studded cast; to get in on this action is a dream come true.”

Jesse was born and raised in Maui, where he developed a strong connection to the ocean. He started surfing and windsurfing, then discovered kiteboarding at the age of 9. He has devoted 15 years of his life to the sport and is constantly looking for ways to push both his own limits and that of the sport.

Jesse will be one of the select few athletes in the world to receive a set of North prototype kites ahead of North Kiteboarding’s official launch in August, 2019.


Ruben Lenten joins Ozone

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Ruben Lenten is now part of the Ozone team.

Read here Ozone Press Release:

The whole Ozone team have followed Ruben since the early beginnings of his Kiting career and have admired his dedication and commitment to growing the sport. Our paths have crossed several times and we are now stoked to have Ruben officially become part of the Ozone team. Renowned for pushing the more extreme side of Kitesurfing his whole ethos resonates with being driven by the elements, consistently being inspired by nature’s most brutal conditions.

We are excited to welcome Ruben on board as our Global Brand Ambassador, as a top level rider he knows all too well the importance of having the most high-end and efficient equipment possible whilst taking performance and innovation into account. Ruben will continue to drive the growth of Kitesurfing, together with Ozone’s continual drive for producing innovative performance equipment this is a perfect match.

Ruben is a legend in the industry, his enthusiastic passion for the sport is contagious for anyone who comes in contact. He is dedicated to inspire people to send it and live life to the fullest. We are thrilled to have him riding our equipment and representing us on the combined mission to push kitesurfing to the next level.

A very warm & windy welcome to the team Ruben!


“Good things take time. After 3 years of testing almost every kite on the market I’m so stoked to have found this great brand to move forward with who share the same vision and above all passion. Let’s fly, Ozone!

Ozone is an awesome company owned and run by people who ride hard and fly high. Over the past 20 years Ozone has been on a mission with it’s own factories and team of professionals innovating, testing and developing the best kitesurf and snow kites, paragliders and speedwings in the world.

I have been kitesurfing for over 18 years and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Every session there’s something new to enjoy and learn, it never ends. This feeling is just amazing and playing with different gear and setups always brings new opportunities and feelings. Like with our brand new all-round high-performance kite, the Amp. This kite has stolen my heart and I’m so excited to fully express myself on this awesome kite along with the Torque board.

At Ozone they know how to build gear, that’s for sure. I’ve been blown away by their capabilities and innovations thus far. With these great products and this amazing team we’re focused to grow Ozone worldwide and give more and more people the feel and performance of Ozone. I’m looking forward to visiting your homespots, riding together and having some fun. That’s what it’s all about!

Stay tuned for what’s to come – Ride hard and fly high”


Danish rider Nick Jacobsen joins North Kiteboarding as team manager. Read more about it here.

Press Release:

North Technology Group (NTG) is extremely proud to announce that world-renowned kiteboarder Nick Jacobsen has joined North Kiteboarding.

Danish daredevil Jacobsen, who jumped off of one of the tallest hotels in the world on his kite will become Team Manager for the North brand. Nick will be scouting for riders with talent, as well as working closely with Chief Kite Designer Pat Goodman, in the development of the 2019 product range.

“Nick is an incredible rider with an adventurous spirit that the North Kiteboarding brand identifies with. With Nick’s love of pushing boundaries matched with our technology, it’s the perfect marriage that will take riders experience to the next level”, commented Mike Raper, North Kiteboarding’s Director of Product and Brand.

Since winning Red Bull’s King Of The Air competition in 2017, speculation has been mounting on the direction Nick will take next. His calm, expressive riding style along with years of experience has cemented his position as a true pioneer. He knows what it takes to be a professional athlete and is ready to share this with the next generation of riders.

Nick says, “Coming to North was about working with the best, people who I respect and who are my friends, all being aligned and sharing the same vision for where we want to go. This motivates me and I see this as a great opportunity moving forward. It’s going to be awesome finding talented young riders and seeing how far we can take them.”

Harnessing Nick’s restless energy and drive for innovation is exciting for the North Kiteboarding team. While Nick’s known for his air-raising abilities on a kiteboard, he’s truly passionate about the sport and has become a positive role model for riders young and old.

“It’s just not about performing the craziest stunts, it’s about enjoying the journey, the ride and being in the elements in a single moment of perfection and freedom”, continues Nick.

Nick’s addition is a further strength to an already talented North Kiteboarding leadership team, who each share a vision of making kiteboarding a more visible and accessible sport.