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Naish presents the new midseason kites for 2019. Check here the Dash! For advanced kiters who want to take their kiteloops to the next level.
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Sam Light has a new vlog, called “Never been done mindset”! Shot in Perth last January, it’s packed with some nice freestyle action clips. Check it out!

Ozone AMP V1

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Ruben Lenten presents the new freestyle and park style kite by Ozone, the AMP. Watch him riding in Cape Town with the new kite!

Time of the season

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“Time of the season” is a mix of old school, freestyle, big airs and loops, starring IlyaJuan Iskhnopulos. It’s pure fun captured through the lens of Konstantin Bobovik. Enjoy!

Production: Naoba2 Motion Pictures
Camera and vid effects: Konstantin Bobovik
Rider and editor: IlyaJuan Iskhnopulos

Music: The Zombies – Time of the Season

The World Kiteboarding Championships (WKC) and the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) are now one new unified World Tour. From 2019 onwards, the GKA will represent the professional freestyle kiteboarding and professional wave-kitesurfing.

Read here the GKA press release:


The world of professional freestyle kiteboarding competition has seen many changes in the past years, lending to uncertainty within the community as well as an unfavorable perception from the outside.

From 2019 onwards, professional freestyle kiteboarding will be officially represented by the Global Kitesports Association (GKA), with the aim of helping this immensely popular discipline regain the trust of community and public alike.

After years of separation between professional freestyle kiteboarding and professional wave-kitesurfing, both disciplines are now united in one organisation: the GKA.

The GKA is the only organisation authorised by World Sailing to officially hold competitions in all expression disciplines in international kitesports.

The new, united format of world championships is called the GKA KITE WORLD TOUR, with distinct event names according to the discipline executed at an event: GKA FREESTYLE WORLD CUP and GKA KITE-SURF WORLD CUP (wave & strapless freestyle). The former tour (WKC in 2018) and event names will no longer be used.

Under the leadership of the Global Kitesports Association, the future of competitive kitesports is finally secured and freestyle kiteboarding and wave-kitesurfing are represented within the GKA equally and with full respect to their respective unique character.

Youri Zoon, Chairman of the Kite Riders United (KRU):

After several years of uncertainty, last year the WKC managed to create a solid platform in terms of freestyle competition standards, with a very effective competition format and with an incredible live stream and media distribution that included live television broadcasting, a first for this sport. In order to unify the future of kiteboarding, the WKC have decided to join forces with the GKA, so that all competition disciplines can now come under one umbrella. We hope this will give more power to the sport, and help create a successful and sustainable tour with the same platform of freestyle that we already know.

“The new tour will also open the door to different formats, such as big air. In my opinion, kiteboarding is not only about one single discipline, but about all disciplines coming together to create a strong image and platform for our much-loved sport.

“After many tough years for freestyle kiteboarding, I am very much looking forward to the coming years, with the help of the GKA and the riders to put our sport up where it deserves to be. Although I will be riding my last competition this year, I still want to ensure the positive development of freestyle. A new era, a new tour and a new generation of kiteboarders. Good luck to all!

Dr. Jörgen Vogt, Secretary General of the Global Kitesports Association (GKA):

This mutually agreed governance structure brings clarity to the kitesports community at large and is the base for a prosperous development of our sport and for the advantage of professional riders in all disciplines. One World Tour with two disciplines (wave and freestyle) under one umbrella now fulfills the assumption for raising the public awareness of this sport and making kitesports even bigger. Professional riders of all performance disciplines will be able to build up their professional sports career on the ground of a reliable, sustainable and financially strong World Tour.

The full 2019 calendar and formats for FREESTYLE and KITE-SURF World Cup events on the GKA KITE WORLD TOUR coming soon.


Cumbuco, Brazil, once again delivered the goods for the second day of Elite Championship freestyle action. The Men’s Round 2 was completed, together with the Women’s Rounds 1 and 2.

Heat 10

Heat 10 was first in sequence, continuing from yesterday, where the heat was postponed after the 4th trick attempt due to the dropping wind. Erick Anderson, the local Wildcard, continued to build upon yesterday’s strong performance, ending his heat with a nice Backside 317 and Hinterberger Mobe 7. He advanced to the next round, and joining him was Louka Pitot from France, after succeeding on keeping his lead from yesterday.

Heat 11

Stefan Spiessberger rode a nice and clean selection of tricks for Heat 11, landing him a spot in Round 3. The second place was a battle between three french riders, Romain Giuliano, Julian Krikken and Edgar Ulrich. It was Giuliano who managed to break through and join Spiessberger in Round 3.

Heat 12

Liam Whaley went all in for Heat 12, landing every single trick attempt, including a powered Slim7. He finished the heat with a fantastic overall score, locking down his spot in the next round. Young Colombian Valentin Rodriguez joined him after landing some big tricks of his own.

Women’s Round 1

Heat 1

The Women were next in sequence, and Rita Arnaus completed her heat with great confidence and consistent riding. The talented Spanish rider landed a solid Hinterberger Mobe and and a Backside 313. She was delighted to pass directly to Round 3, with Therese Taabbel and Nathalie Lambrecht passing to Round 2.

Heat 2

Vera Klabbers was back to competition after missing our Dakhla event due to injury. She rode well with a focused approach, and landed a massive Slim Chance scoring 7 points for her final trick. This allowed her to advance directly to Round 3, with Paula Novotna and Dioneia Vieira passing to Round 2.

Heat 3

Pippa Van Iersel from the Netherlands left us speechless with her massive 9.3 Heart Attack in Heat 3. Mikaili Sol, our current leader, did not disappoint, and landed a fantastic Slim Chance and KGB amongst her attempts. She advances to Round 3, with Van Iersel and Maureen Castelle passing to Round 2.

Heat 4

Francesca Bagnoli is having a fantastic season so far, and today was a great opening for her final event of the year. She landed a Slim Chance and nice Hinterberger Mobe to ensure her spot in Round 3. Estefania Rosa and Kristina Belogorskaya will have another chance in Round 2.

Men’s Round 3

After a short break, Men’s Round 3 was resumed, which would allow the top two athletes to advance to the semi-finals.

Heat 13

We saw some incredible riding from Adeuri Corniel from the Dominican Republic, landing an impressive KGB7 scoring 9.93 points. He kept a lead throughout the heat, but the remaining three competitors faced a tough battle in the fight to advance in second place. Anthar Racca, Louka Pitot and Luis Alberto Cruz were close in points and kept pushing each other harder. Pitot pulled out all the stops and landed a Backside 315 and KGB5, finishing the heat with a good total score of 29, but it still wasn’t quite enough to catch up to Anthar Racca from Mexico, who advances to the next Round together with Adeuri. Luis Alberto Cruz and Pitot were sadly unable to advance.

Heat 14

Heat 14 saw three local Brazilians – Kalu de Sousa, Erick Anderson and Alex Neto, faced french athlete Val Garat. Kalu De Sousa has been making a name for himself during our last events, and today was no exception. He gained a total score of 31.14 points and gained himself a spot in the semi-finals. Erick Anderson continued on his strong performance, and joins De Sousa in the semi-finals.

Heat 15

Set Teixeira had a slow start for Heat 15, but made an incredible comeback towards the end of his heat, landing a Front Blind Mobe and securing his spot in the semi- finals. Gianmaria Coccoluto performed exceptionally well and joins him in the next round. Valentin Rodriguez from Colombia performed well and almost made it through, but got knocked out together with Stefan Spiessberger towards the end of the heat, much to their disappointment.

Heat 16

Current World Champion once again showed his domination in heat 16, landing big tricks for each attempt. His effortless style led him easily through to the semi-finals. The bigger battle taking place was for the other three riders in the heat, who wanted to take that second spot. Maxime Chabloz was feeling good, and landed a superb 319 scoring him 9.07 points, however it all came down to his final trick, which he crashed, sadly eliminating him from the competition. Liam Whaley seemed to be feeling the pressure, riding against some of the newcomers that have been competing in the Elite Championships during his absence, but he made up for it by scoring 9.23 points for an outstanding Slim 7. His consecutive KGB5 allowed him to lock down his spot in the semi-finals. Romain Giuliano opened with a nice 317 but then crashed, losing his kite. Thanks to caddy-of-the-year Louka Pitot, he could complete his heat as Pitot body dragged all the way out to him to give him his own equipment. He gave it a solid effort, but was knocked out together with Chabloz.

Women’s Round 2

Heat 5

At 3pm it was time for the women to head into their second round. The conditions were tricky for the women, as they battled a fairly big shore break. Local wildcard Estefania Rosa had a storming heat as she landed trick after trick and secured herself a spot in the Semi-finals. Dioneia Vieira, also local athlete, joins her.

Heat 6

Paula Novotna got straight to the point during Heat 6, and landed solid tricks with a committed performance to advance to the next round. Pippa van Iersel was determined to join her, and fought hard with Therese Taabbell for the spot, but Therese’s crash on her final trick attempt ender her hopes of advancing, and it went to Novotna and Van Iersel.

The action continues tomorrow, with the skipper’s meeting called for 8.30 am and a first possible start at 9.30 am, so be sure to tune into our Facebook Page or to our Youtube Channel.


Theo Demanez in Saint Martin

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Enjoy Theo Demanez strapless freestyle in Saint Martin!

The top freestyle kiteboarders have all arrived in Dakhla for the start of what is set to be an incredible week of action. The wind took longer to kick in today, and the Round 1 for the Men commenced at 3pm. The full round was concluded by 6pm.

Heat 1 –

The first heat of the day was a close one for all three riders, Valentin Garat from France, Valentin Rodriguez from Colombia and Louka Pitot from France/Mauritius. Rodriguez was keen to once again make a name for himself at this event, and managed to pull out some impressive riding from the very start, including a massive Heart Attack 5 scoring 9.03. He just managed to place himself above Garat, meaning he passes directly to Round 3. Garat rode a good heat, despite two crashed trick attempts, and finished in second position followed by Louka Pitot who started the heat well with a Front Blind Mobe and well executed Backside 315, but failed on his last two attempts. Both Garat and Pitot will have another chance in Round 2.

Heat 2 –

Former World Champion Alex Pastor came up against the winnner from yesterday’s Qualifier Championship, Gianmaria Coccoluto, and Lituanian newcomer Domantas Jusionis. Coccoluto continued on yesterday’s strong performance, and cleared an impressive heat with well scored tricks, including a Backside 317 and Heart Attack 5. Alex Pastor started off strong with his KGB5 followed by his Backside 315, and finished the heat with well executed Slim7 scoring 8.2, but it wasn’t enough to advance in 1st place, as he struggled with his knee injury. Coccoluto advances directly to Round 3 after riding an outstanding heat, whilst Pastor and Jusionis will pass to Round 2.

Heat 3 –

Jerome Cloetens from France/Belgium has been riding impressively well throughout the event, and today was no exception. His trick list included a Double Heart Attack and Backside 315, but he unfortunately crashed two trick attempts which cost him points. Former World Champion Youri Zoon from the Netherlands struggled to catch up to him, but made up for it towards the end of the heat with clean Slim7 scoring 8.77 which boosted him up into 1st position, allowing him to pass directly to Round 3. Cloetens and Joselito del Rosario will get a second chance in Round 2.

Heat 4 –

Set Teixeira from Brazil had a great start to the event, landing his tricks very consistently and with good scores. He managed to gain a large lead above his other competitors, guaranteeing him the spot in Round 3. Paul Serin rode hard to try and catch up to him, and young competitor Edgar Ulrich also from France was not far behind. Both Ulrich and Serin will have a second chance in Round 2.

Heat 5 –

Adeuri Corniel has just arrived to Dakhla fresh off winning an Olympic Gold Medal in Buenos Aires. He proved that he is a versatile rider and performed some impressive tricks during his heat, such his opening Backside 317 or his KGB5. French athlete Julien Krikken pushed hard to keep up with him, landing a good Double Heart Attack. Young rider Romain Giuliano is new to the Elite Championship, and had some tough competition to deal with for his first heat. Adeuri passed directly to Round 3, and Giuliano and Krikken get another attempt in Round 2.

Heat 6 –

Kalu de Sousa is another talented brazilian rider, and his performance did not disappoint for Heat 6. He lead the way through most of the heat, and landed a solid Backside 317, scoring 8.2 points. Austrian rider Stefan Spiessberger started the heat well, but two crashed attempts meant that he could not catch up to Kalu. Rens van der Schoot from the Netherlands also had a hard time, landing 3 tricks but crashing his other attempts. Kalu passes directly to Round 3, Spiessberger and Van der Schoot get another attempt in Round 2.

Heat 7 –

Heat 7 was another heat full of young talent. Maxime Chabloz from Switzerland and Arthur Guillebert from France were neck and neck throughout the heat, but Arthur Guillebert managed to gain the lead landing an impressive Backside 317and Heart Attack 5. He finished the heat in first place and advances directly to Round 3, a great performance from the 21 year old frenchman. Maxime Chabloz and Lucas Ferreira pass to Round 2.

Heat 8 –

The final heat of the day saw an impressive performance from local wildcard Jonas Ouahmid who opened with a solid Double Heart Attack, and nice Backside 315. Anthar Racca from Mexico pushed hard after a slow start and stomped a great Slim7 scoring him 7.3 points. Current World Champion Carlos Mario of course did not disappoint, and landed 6 high scoring tricks including his Backside 317, Heart Attack 5, and KGB5. He cleared himself the way directly to Round 3, as Racca and Ouahmid had to settle for Round 2.

The day concluded after the completion of Round 1. The competition continues tomorrow with the Skipper’s meeting called for 10.30am and the first possible start at 11.30am.


Young rider Kainani Drexler presents her new kitefoil video shot at Kanaha Beach Park, Maui. Enjoy Kai’s fun freestyle session!

Watch “100% Freestyle” featuring Alex Pastor! The video was shot in Tarifa, Alex’s home town, and Drepano, in Greece. Enjoy.