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Free is the all round foil board from Duotone. Check out the new Free 2019!

AV8 Foil Board

Posted: 19th April 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Here is the new AV8 foil board. Take a look!

Check out the new 2018/19 Exo, perfect for strapless foiling.

Film & Edit by Benjamin Geislinger

Dylan van der Meij playing with his foil board in Thailand. Check out his new video!

Watch Kevin Langeree catching some fun waves in Noordwijk with his foil board. In his new video, Kevin shows us how to make bad waves fun!

Watch Kevin Langeree catching some endless rides with a foil in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Kevin Langeree and his friend James found the best way to ride an endless wave at Lighthouse. They used a kite to tow them into some of the longest rides using a foil. Take a sneak peek at their downwind foil surfing session!

Check out the new Speedster Combo, by North Kiteboarding!

It’s time for another episode of Island Life by Jeremie Tronet! In this new video, he takes us on a little tour on Union Island, showing his favorite foil kitesurfing spot while testing new gear. Check it out!

This video is about the foil boarding revolution. Kai Lenny, Robby Naish and Kevin Langeree show us how they feel about this way of moving across the water.