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Here & Now – Ewan Jaspan

Posted: 14th März 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch “Here & Now” with Ewan Jaspan! Check what Australian rider has to say about megaloops, good kiters, the King of The Air and his new film, “Behold & Sea“.

Filmed & edited by Noe Font.
Copyright KNOT FUTURE 2018.

BEHOLD & SEA is Ewan Jaspan’s new full-length video. Together with Alexander Lewis-Hughes, they put together several clips they filmed in Perth, Melbourne, Cape Hatteras, Squamish, Hood River and Icapui. Sit back, relax and enjoy this impressive kiteboarding movie!

Filmed/Edited by Alexander Lewis-Hughes

This is the trailer for Ewan Jaspan’s new movie “Year in the Life”, coming out late 2018/early 2019.

The first section was shot in Perth, by Alex Lewis-Hughes. Stay tuned for more sections!

In this video of his “How To” series, Ewan Jaspan shows us how to tack on a hydrofoil. Watch and learn!

Ewan Jaspan shows us how to gybe on a hydrofoil. Let’s take a look!

Check out the 2018/19 Naish kite range video, with Ewan Jaspan and Jesse Richman! Joining the 2018 Pivot, Slash and Torch with ESP are the 2018/19 Boxer, Dash and Ride.

Enjoy these epic sessions in Hood River!

Filming: Karolina Winkowska, Ewan Jaspan and Peair Legov

Ewan Jaspan is back with his “How To” Series. Learn with Ewan how to add grabs to a backroll.

Check out Ewan Jaspan’s wildcard video for a place in Cape Town at the 2018 King of The Air!

“Stranded” is the new project by Ewan Jaspan and Alexander Lewis-Hughes shot in Hood River. Check out this amazing short film and watch Ewan pushing the limits of performance!