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The GKA Kite World tour returns to Morocco. The 3rd double Event of the season will take place in Dakhla, from the 4th to the 13th of October 2019. Stay tuned!

Let’s take a look at the full event recap of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic 2019.

Video by Jeffrey O’Neil

91 riders registered to compete in Freestyle and Kite-Surf in Mauritius, at the second double discipline event of the season. Check out the highlights of Day One!

The results were:
Pedro Matos (BRA) beat Sylvester (MRU)
Charlie Wise (AUS) beat Arsenio Dias (CV)
James Carew (AUS) beat Joshua Emmanuel (SA)
Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) beat Simon Joosten (BAR)
Reece Myerscough (CAN) beat Ricot (MAU)
Oswald Smith (ZAR) beat Camille Delannoy (FRA)
Mitu Monteiro (CV) beat Martin (MRU)
Willow-River Tonkin (MRU beat Pablo Amores (ESP)

Stay tuned for all the action at Sotavento! The GKA Freestyle World Cup Fuerteventura 2019 is coming, from 19 – 24th July.

On the final day of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria 2019, there was no wind to complete the Men’s division. Check below the GKA report.

GKA Report:

Sunday 16th June

Report: Matt Pearce / All photos: Svetlana Romantsova / Video: Mint Grigas

Yesterday, Mikaili Sol won the women’s division at the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria. Today, it was the turn of the men with just three heats left to run.

Unfortunately though, at 19:00 after a long day of waiting, it was clear the wind just was not going to reach the required strength for the men to hit the water.

The riders would not be able to compete to see who would become the first ever male champion of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria.

However, there is still an official result from the men’s division and the below eight riders will all share first place rankings (and an equal share of the prize money) from this event.

Scroll down to see the event results and how the overall tour rankings look at the end of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria 2019.


1: Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA)
2: Arthur Guillebert (FRA)
3: Liam Whaley (ESP)
4: Maxime Chabloz (CH)
5: Luis Alberto Cruz (DOM)
6: Valentin Rodriguez (COL)
7: Carlos Mario (BRA)
8: Set Teixeira (BRA)


1: Mikaili Sol (BRA)
2: Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
3: Pippa van Iersel (NL)
4: Rita Arnaus (ESP)



1: Carlos Mario (BRA)
2: Maxime Chablos (CH)
3: Valentin Rodriguez (COL)
4: Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA)
5: Liam Whaley (ESP)


1: Mikaili Sol (BRA)
2: Pippa van Iersel (NL)
3: Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
4: Therese Taabbel (DK)
5: Rita Arnaus (ESP)


On the second day of the main event only a few heats were completed at Playa de Vargas, in Gran Canaria.

GKA Report:

Friday 14th June

Report: Matt Pearce / All photos: Svetlana Romantsova

Yesterday the riders made it close to the semi-final rounds here at the GKA Gran Canaria after a full day of heats and now, on day two of the main event, they’re ready to get back into the action.

The wind’s been keeping them waiting this morning, building up to 14-16 knots at points, but it’s not been consistent enough to get the heats rolling.

Now the wind’s filling in though and the riders are on standby waiting for green light.

First heat to run will be heat 15 – men’s round three. After men’s round three’s complete, the women will be up for round two.

Check the heat order below.

Conditions update 17:50: Riders out warming up on 12-13 metre kites
Heats about to start


J. Del Rosario / L. Cruz / L. Whaley / P. Martinez
Luis Alberto Cruz leads from early on with a 317 for his first trick that earns him 7.3 points. The lightest rider in the heat, he continues to lead while Liam Whaley drops down to fourth. The light wind is making things challenging for the riders in this heat.

After two stoppages due to failing wind, Whaley pulls it round going from fourth to first with a double heart attack (6.83) and BS315 (7.07).

Cruz pulls back in front with a front blind mobe (6.83) and then Whaley retakes the lead with a back mobe five (6.23). Just two tricks left and Liam only leads by 1.53 points.

Riders now relying on kickers to get enough height to land wakestyle tricks. Luis does a BS 313 just to get some scores on the board and pull ahead of Liam but it’s not a high enough scoring move.

With only two tricks left available, Posito Martinez comes back to the brink and into second place with a 317 (7.37) and is now within reach of Whaley if he can land a 7.2 or more.

Liam Whaley then lands an FS7 (7.07) to put some distance between him and Martinez but Luis Alberto Cruz claws his way back to second with BS315 (6.53) and it all comes down to Martinez who is the only rider with a trick left to do. He needs an 8.07 for first and a 6.93 for second, which is doable.

But he crashes, and Liam wins the heat to go through to semis along with Luis Alberto Cruz.

S. Teixeira / P. Serin / C. Mario / L. Pitot
Teixeira opens up an early lead with a few clean tricks including a BS315 (7.13) and he follows that up with double heart attack (6.97). Leading well now with Carlos Mario down in fourth after three trick attempts.

Mario hits back with KGB5 (highest heat score at 7.57) to climb to third.

Mario ramps up the pressure with solid 8+ point scores to win the heat with a combined score of 31.31 – one of the highest of the event so far.

Pippa van Iersel / Bruna Kajiya
Pippa opens with a BS 313 (6.07) and Bruna, keen to get past her round one loss to Natalie Lambrecht, answers back with an s-bend to blind which only scores her 3.4. She’ll need to do more than that.

Bruna then regains composure with two more landed tricks, including a solid scoring back to blind (6.6) and she pushes past Pippa who can’t match Bruna for consistency.

From here, Bruna runs away with it while Pippa crashed four tricks in a row and. Bruna finishes up with a back to wrapped for 7.7 points (one of the highest scoring tricks of women’s division so far at this event). Bruna wins by 19.7 points!

B. Kajiya / T. Taabbel / M. Sol
Conditions: Riders on 10-11 metre kites
Mika Sol firing straight out the gates with a slim chance (7.07) and an s-bend to blind (5.37).



GKA Gran Canaria 2019 got underway at Playa de Vargas. Find out all about the completed heats.

GKA Report:

GKA Gran Canaria begins

Thursday 13th June

Report: Matt Pearce / All photos: Svetlana Romantsova

The action gets underway this morning here at Playa de Vargas and we’re counting down to a first possible start as the wind builds.

At this morning’s riders briefing the heat order was confirmed with the men on the water first in three and four man heats followed by the women who’ll be competing with two to three riders per heat.

Riders will be judged purely on freestyle this morning, with the chance to do seven tricks per heat and the top four high scoring tricks counting towards their heat score.

We’ll be updating you round by round once the heats kick off.


J. Rodriguez
R. Guillano
G. Coccoluto

J. Burlando
A. Rosslee
V. Rodriguez

A. Guillebert
N. Delmas
A. Corniel

L. Casati
J. Ouahmid
M. Chabloz

L. Cruz
J. Krikken
L. Whaley

K. Mahmoud
P. Martinez
S. Teixeira

M. Lopez Torres
S. Mul
P. Serin
L. Pitot

J. Prieto
J. Del Rosario
C. Mario


N. Lambrect
B. Kajiya

H. Whiteley
P. Van Iersel

D. Morena
R. Arnaus
T. Taabbel

HEAT 4 (cancelled)
L. Schamann
M. Sol

Kite size: Riders out on 9-12 metre kites

Conditions: Cross onshore from the left with chop and small kickers on the inside.

J. Rodriguez / R. Guillano / G. Coccoluto
Gianmaria Coccoluto takes the heat with a clean back mobe 7 in which he managed to combine height, power and a stomped landing in the challenging onshore chop.

J. Burlando / A. Rosslee / V. Rodriguez
Valentin Rodriguez wins the heat by a massive margin of 15.04 points ahead of 13 year-old local Jeremy Burlando and South Africa’s Aron Rosslee. Valentin’s 317 put him in front and his competitors just couldn’t close the gap from then on.

A. Guillebert / N. Delmas / A. Corniel
Nico Delmas was the most consistent rider at first but Adeuri Corniel pulled ahead with a high scoring BS 317 that earned him 7.47 followed by a clean front blind mobe. A super tight heat to begin with, but Adeuri added a double heart attack and 317 to take the win.

L. Casati, J. Ouahmid, M. Chabloz
Maxime Chabloz cruised this heat and already had a 13+ point lead after just four tricks. A solid opener from the tour number two.

L. Cruz / J. Krikken / L. Whaley
Luiz Cruz racked up the highest score with a 7.3 for a 319 but Liam Whaley put in an ultra-consistent display to win. He regularly scored high sixes and his highest scoring trick was only 0.1 points behind Luis’. He’s going to be one to watch at this event if he keeps up this form.

K. Mahmoud / P. Martinez / S. Teixeria
Posito Martinez opens with a heart attack and rides with the most power of all three riders throughout the heat. His 317 was one of the top scoring tricks of the day up to this point and he kept up the tempo to take first in this heat.

S. Mul / P. Serin / L. Pitot / M. Lopez Torres
Louka Pitot looked very composed in this heat and led from start to finish. Stinj Mul from the Netherlands showed a glamour of serious talent though with the highest scoring trick of the heat, 7.23 for a BS 315. Paul Serin just pulled past Stinj into second on his last trick though.

J. Prieto / J. Del Rosario / C. Mario
Predictably, Carlos Mario ran away with this heat from the start. No massively high scores from him, but he’s clearly saving himself for the tougher rounds to come.

Kite size: Riders out on 7 metre kites

Conditions: Still cross onshore from the left with chop / small kickers but also more flat sections due to falling tide. Wind now stronger at 20-25 knots.

N. Lambrecht / B. Kajiya
Natalie Lambrecht pulls out the first big surprise of the competition and beats Bruna Kajiya by 0.4 points!

H. Whiteley / P. Van Iersel
Another tight heat here but Hannah Whitely clinches it ahead of Dutch ripper Pippa van Iersel.

Heat 3
D. Morena / R. Arnaus / T. Taabbel
Rita Arnaus leads from early on but Therese manages a late heat comeback with a big s-bend to blind to win it.

Round one losers fight to stay in the running in four man heats with top two riders from each heat progressing to round three.

Kite size: Riders out on 9-12 metre kites

Conditions: Still cross onshore from the left with kickers. Wind beginning to push past 25 knots but increasing lulls in between.

J. Rodriguez / A. Guillebert / J. Burlando / L. Casati
Juan Rodriguez wins this comfortably, not crashing a single trick and scoring two tricks over 7 points.

J. Ouahmid / N. Delmas / A. Rosslee / R. Giuliano
First place being regularly traded off here and changing almost every time a rider lands a trick. Frenchman Giuliano pulls ahead with two tricks to go and holds on to the lead to progress to round three.

S. Mul / J. Prieto / L. Cruz / S. Teixeira
Luis Alberto Cruz comes back from the brink in this heat with a late surge to win it!

A. Guillebert / K. Mahmoud / P. Serin / J. Del Rosario
Paul Serin leaves nothing to chance in this round with four high scoring tricks straight off the hat including a double heart attack and back mobe 5. A solid win for him to earn his spot in round three.

The semi-finals beckon!

Kite size: Riders on 11-12 metre kites

Conditions: Wind dropping down to sub-20 knots but still consistent.

G. Coccoluto / J. Rodriguez / A. Rosslee / V. Rodriguez
Valentin Rodriguez wins with the highest combined score of the event so far – 33 – and the highest single trick score of the day as well – 9.43 for a KGB7! In the same heat, Gianmaria Coccoluto took the second highest combined score of the day and the second highest scoring trick – a KGB5 for 8.4 points.

Super tight this one – Valentin only had a 0.89 point lead on Gianmaria by the end of the heat.

Heat 14
A. Guillebert / R. Giuliano / A.Corniel / M. Chabloz
Another big heat to round out the day. Maxime Chabloz combines four big scoring tricks, including a BS 317 and a 319, to accumulate yet another 30+ point overall score. No more holding back, this was Maxime going for broke and coming up golden.


34 riders registered for the GKA Gran Canaria 2019 at Playa de Vargas. The first World Tour event on the island is officially opened. Check here the report.

GKA Report:

Wednesday 12th June 2019
Words: Matt Pearce / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova

34 riders, 25 men and nine women, arrived at Playa de Vargas today to register for the GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria and to get a feel for the spot in pumping 25 knot + winds.

Although Gran Canaria has already rightfully earned its place in windsurfing lore over the years due to the many events that have been held at the legendary Pozo, which is just a couple of kilometres from here, there’s never been a World Tour kiteboarding event on the island before now.

That’s all about to change this week though, with a dependable looking forecast and the overall tour leads up for grabs at what’s still an early stage in the competitive calendar.

The main event will run across the next four days from Thursday until Sunday and the judging criteria will be split between wakestyle / freestyle and big air depending on the conditions. This ‘open format’ gives the riders the chance to ride to the day’s conditions, and so it looks like tomorrow’s opening heats will be freestyle-focused with 20 knot winds on the forecast.

If the famous Canarian ‘Alisios’ trades fire in full force though, we could well be looking at a big air blow out later in the week!

Carlos Mario currently leads the men’s division, but Maxime Chabloz will be hot on his heels after narrowly losing out to the Brazilian in the finals at the first event of the year in Leucate back in April.

Liam Whaley is also here, fresh off the back of a storming performance and a fourth place finish at the Red Bull Megaloop last weekend in the Netherlands. He was already looking very tuned into the conditions and was firing on all cylinders during today’s warm-up session.

In the women’s division, the top spot is wide open at this event due to current tour leader Francesca Bagnoli’s absence and Mika Sol, Bruna Kajiya and Hannah Whitely are just some of the riders who’ll be vying for their chance to climb higher up the overall rankings here in Gran Canaria.

With the opening ceremony complete and the event now officially underway, the action will begin tomorrow morning with a first possible start at 10:00.

It’s a big week coming up! Be sure to stay locked into GKA channels on social media and look out for daily video updates once the heats start rolling.


GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate comes to an end on Day Six of the event window. Carlos Mario and Francesca Bagnoli are the big winners in Leucate. Check the summary report bellow!

GKA Report
Report: Jim Gaunt / Photos: Svetlana Romantsova


What a result from the first Freestyle event of the season! A big surprise having moved from La Franqui yesterday to the kickers and open beach at Port Leucate. Big winds, big performance and perhaps a big surprise with Francesca Bagnoli from Italy taking her first win, while champion Mikaili Sol only managed to rescue second place with her last trick in the women’s. And it WAS a rescue. The Brazilian is beatable – something we doubted and tees up the rest of the season beautifully!

In the men’s, Carlos Mario showed the mark of a champion and also staged his own comeback, stopping Maxime Chabloz from claiming his first event win, but all bets are on the Swiss rider breaking his top-step duck this season. A valiant Valentin Rodriguez, just 16 from Colombia, took third. In many ways, he was the big news of this event on the men’s side.

Leucate was scheduled to be a pure freestyle event in this mixed event series. 30+ knot conditions saw some riders voluntarily throwing big kite loops… so out mouths are watered for more big aerial antics when we get to round two in Gran Canaria in June, which is scheduled to be run in a mixed freestyle / big air format. Bring it on!


Unfortunately there was no competition on Day Four of the GKA Leucate, but the forecast for the next two days looks good.

Read the report:

GKA Leucate – Wind Coming Round On the Lagoon

We were so close to starting you can feel it. There was potential for contestable conditions all day and as yet we’re still looking at about ten knots of wind out on the lagoon here in Leucate, though at times it was gusting a bit more. Some riders got excited enough to pump up and try a few runs.

In any case, if conditions improve enough to be able to make a start today or not, the livestream and some of the race crew are busy moving to prepare at another spot, Port Leucate. The event will definitely run from there tomorrow and Thursday in the stronger southerly conditions that get blocked by the headland here in La Franqui, Leucate. There is still hope for the remaining few hours today, though…

Good morning everyone on Tuesday 24th.

This is day four of six in the GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate event window and we have entered the more serious wind forecast period. Heavy rain overnight fell as predicted and continued through dawn in the early morning. Combined with the surging waves pushing over the sandbank, we have a superb lagoon for potentially brilliant freestyle conditions.

The skipper’s meeting was scheduled for 7am as there was potential for the southeast wind to be in already – however, the reality was a very light wind from the northwest (Tramontane) direction. The wind has since switched to the forecast southerly, though remains light.


The forecast for the next two days looks good, however, as we are now over halfway through the event period Head Judge Mallory de la Villemarque has announced a reduced heat format to ensure that when the action begins it will be possible to reach a result as efficiently as possible. Here are the details:


The standard format for the 2019 GKA Freestyle World Cup events is that there are (usually) four riders in a heat who take it in turns to do one trick. Each rider is allowed seven trick attempts in their heat and their four highest scoring tricks from four different trick families count towards their score.

A big screen on the shoreline shows the score for each trick and then shows what the next rider needs to take the lead / win.

Each rider will have one minute to do their trick, with a countdown timer showing on the big screen. Read more about the 2019 Freestyle events and heat formats here.


– The heat ladder will become a single elimination, rather than a dingle. There will still be four riders in the first heats; the lowest two will go straight out of the competition. The top two from each heat will progress.

– Riders will take it in turns to do their tricks, but they will only get six attempts instead of seven, with their four best tricks counting.

– As the wind direction is changing for Wednesday and Thursday and looking strong for those days. In anticipation of that the livestream crew have had to set up at a new location to be able to broadcast on those days, so although there will be no livestream today, there will be a superb highlight video if action commences!

Men’s New Ladder

Women’s New Ladder