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Adeuri Corniel — Kiteboard in Cabarete

Posted: 24th September 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch Adeuri Corniel pulling off some nice tricks at Kite Beach and Encuentro beach, Cabarete.

Video by Antoine Verville

Star presents the new 2020 collection. Watch Luis Alberto Cruz, Joselito del Rosario, Micka Neral and Samulea riding at La Boca and Encuentro, Dominican Republic.

Posito Martinez and Liloo Fourré exploring the Dominican Republic! Watch them riding at some famous spots like Cabarete, La Boca, Encuentro and Buen Hombre.

Jalou Langeree and Moona Whyte enjoying some fun free ride sessions at the famous spot Encuentro, in Cabarete. See for yourself!

Star team riders Luis Alberto Cruz, Joselito, Martha and Samuela show the new 2019 collection. The video was shot at Encuentro beach, Cabarete. Watch it here!

Ripping Encuentro

Posted: 15th April 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Playa Encuentro is a great spot in the Dominican Republic. Watch two locals guys Nõnõ and Alex showing what they can do with these amazing conditions!

Encuentro is just 10 minutes downwind of the crowded Cabarete beaches. During Christmas weekend the spot offered perfect conditions for strapless kitesurfing, with big waves, and no one else on the water.

Watch this nice aerial footage capturing Alexis Pierret’s fun session at Encuentro!

Music: Vesper – Unfold Her
Produced by: AP Visuals

Ariel Corniel Cabarete Lifestyle

Posted: 29th November 2015 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch Dominican rider Ariel Corniel enjoying life at Encuentro beach, Cabarete.


Kevin Langeree went on a kite trip around Cabarete, in the beautiful Dominican Republic, with Uncharted Kite Sessions crew. This footage was shot at Kite Beach, La Boca, Encuentro and all spots in between. Watch and enjoy this great kitesurf adventure!

Posito Martinez’s brand new video filmed at his home town in Encuentro, Cabarete. Watch him pulling off some nice tricks at this amazing kite spot in Dominican Republic.

Featuring – Aurelie Duviau
Music by – 20 sly-Voices
Produced by AP Visuals