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Cabrinha introduces the all-new Modular Control System. With 4 different connection methods, it allows a customization and personalization of the control bar. Check it all here!

North introduces the new kite bar, the Navigator 2020. Check it out!

Cabrinha identified a design defect in a component of the 2016 TrimLite Cleat™ trim system. If you have one of the following control systems read how you can act to corrected this issue.

Cabrinha press release:

Dear Valued Customer,

The Cabrinha brand has always placed our product quality and the safety of our customers upfront in all our product development efforts.

We have recently identified a design defect in a component of the 2016 TrimLite Cleat™ trim system. The control systems affected by this issue are: Model Name: Overdrive 1X TrimLite, 1X TrimLite and Chaos 1X TrimLite control systems.

This issue only pertains to the 2016 control systems which feature the TrimLite Cleat™ trim system. The control systems which feature the Recoil™ trim system are NOT affected and therefore are NOT subject to this recall. The component in topic is the BUNGEE FILLED TRIM LINE that runs through the pulley and through the cleat of the TrimLite Cleat™ trim system. Hereinafter referred to as the “trim line”. The point of connection between the trim line and the depower mainline can break causing a loss of kite control. In the event of a broken trim line, the rider is still able to operate the quick release which activates the 1X security system and de-powers the kite into the single line flagging mode.

This problem is limited to a small percentage of the 2016 control systems manufactured before August 10, 2015. Hence we have decided to make a product recall to ensure your safety and confidence in our products. We ask that all customers bring their control systems to the point of purchase to have a free replacement part installed which will immediately remedy the issue. The part was designed to be serviceable and the replacement is simple to install and will only take a few minutes.

We have modified the manufacturing process and rectified all control systems as of August 11, 2015. You can distinguish the modified and corrected control systems by a GREEN DOT on the packaging hangtag of the control system. Further, the corrected trim line itself can be identified by a gray section of mark cloth at the loop end of the trim line (the original color was white).
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

The Staff at Cabrinha Kites

The replacement / installation instructions are in a PDF format HERE.
A video version of the replacement / installation instructions can be found HERE.

Whether you’re looking to fly higher, travel a little further, cruise more comfortably, or cut a little harder, the newest additions to the Naish lineup will take your riding to new heights.

With 4 new kites, ergonomic harnesses, a sporty board and a refined control system, Naish gear helps you up your game.

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